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Window Film Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will window films stop fading?

No. They will retard or slow it. 40 percent of fading is caused by ultraviolet light, 25 percent by visible light, 25 percent by heat, and 10 percent miscellaneous causes. To stop fading you must stop all of these from happening.

Do window films hurt plants?

Certain high performance films may cause some plants to suffer slight growth retardation or possibly stop flowering. Others may go into a temporary state of shock while they adjust to the new film. For the most part, there will be little harm done to common house plants.

How do you clean window films?

Obtain a care guide from the film manufacturer and follow it. Use common sense. Apply standard window cleaners to the film and use clean, soft cotton rags. Avoid using cheap paper towels as recycled paper content can contain micro-abrasives.

The above Questions and Answers are courtesy of AIMCAL Energy Management Program Window Film Training Guide

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