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Window Film Companies & Association

Window Film Companies & Association

I just know I am going to get letters, e-mails, and phone calls on this list! There are lots of different companies who make window films for different parts of the glass market. In other words, think of all the different types of glass out there. There are hi-rise office buildings, store fronts, automobiles, and the glass in your home. There are specialty window film companies for all of these applications and some cross pollination to boot! In other words, some film manufacturers try to service more than one market.

I have tried to save you the trouble by only listing the companies that make window films for the residential market. I am sure I might have missed one. The ones that are listed below are indeed the major players and you should be able to find a dealer in your area.

If you want to find some installers in your area who might be good business people, consider contacting the International Window Film Association (IWFA). If you find a IWFA member in your town, you should be dealing with a decent company. Here is how you can contact the IWFA and a list of some residential window film companies:

  • International Window Film Association
    P.O. Box 3871
    Martinsville, Virginia 24115-3871
  • Bekaert

  • CP Films
    CP Films makes two brands: Llumar and Vista.
  • 3M
    3M makes a product called Scotchtint
  • Madico

  • Solar Guard
  • Southwall
  • Film Technologies

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