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Plumbing Code Consult

color riser diagram

Plumbing Code Consult | This is a riser diagram or plumbing isometric that meets or exceeds code. You won't find many that recommend a full-sized vent! I can draw your riser diagram in just a few hours if need be.

Plumbing Code Consult - You Better Talk With a Pro

A plumbing code consult can be one of two things:

You may also have plumbing questions about:

  • what type of drain line is best
  • what size should I use
  • can I install a loop vent
  • does a loop vent need a pressure-relief vent
  • how many vent pipes must go through the roof

The list of things you don't know about plumbing can be endless. This is why you should hire me to do your plumbing code consult.

Should I Use PVC or Cast Iron?

You should use both. Use cast iron for the vertical stacks that go down walls and for the 3-inch drain pipe across a ceiling for a toilet. You can use PVC pipes for all the other drains and vent pipes.

Are Cable TV Shows Harmful?

Cable TV shows about how to install plumbing can be harmful because they instill in you a false sense of confidence. Many of the plumbing episodes I've watched don't really tell you the entire truth. I've done expert witness work for years and there's an old saying in our business: A half-truth is a whole lie.  Don't allow the TV shows to lie to you.

Should I Solder or Use Press Fittings?

You can do both, but the press fittings are infinitely faster. You can rent the press tool.

Watch these two videos and see for yourself which method is faster:

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