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Tim Carter DIY Coaching

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Tim Carter DIY Coaching - Phone or Video Call

Do you need DIY coaching? Are you stuck with a:

  • carpentry problem
  • plumbing issue
  • roof leak
  • ceramic tile install or grout question
  • repair conundrum
  • bid comparison scenario
  • ANY problem around your home or small business

Ask the Builder founder Tim Carter will call you on the phone or do a video call and become your DIY coach.

CLICK or TAP HERE to set up the call with Tim.

Read these testimonials:

"The 15-minute consult we had regarding my chimney crown replacement was a small price and worth every penny considering that estimates for the crown and chimney work were between $3000 and $4000.  Your review of the estimates was insightful as you noted ambiguous statements and issues that would have left me exposed to additional "unknown" costs.  Finally, your assistance with specifications for how the crown should be built was also helpful." - Chris W., Cincinnati, OH

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"Tim, did I get my money's worth in consulting with you? You bet I did!

Here's a list of what I discovered from you in just 15 minutes:

1.  How to cut pipe square
2.  How to properly measure pipe length
3.  The importance of seating joints all the way
4.  The proper sequence for installing pipe and fittings
5.  The importance of sighting and dry fitting pipe and joints
6.  To be humble and ask for help when I don't know what I'm doing
7.  To have a beer when the job is successfully completed (that was your BEST advice!)." - Bill Stannis
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"Hello, Tim --

It was wonderful to talk to you and I am so grateful for your expert advice. We both know you have saved me thousands of dollars.

You didn't overload me. I took notes on everything you said, and you explained things very well and logically. Now I can sleep at night and not worry about this.

I am so grateful to you. And I'll be consulting you for every house project we do.

Thank you so very much." Lynn Cavalletto

CLICK or TAP HERE to set up a call with Tim.


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