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October 25. 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Will wonders never cease? Lookie lookie, another new subscriber! You, yes you! I reserve this first paragraph each week to honor your presence. Thanks for subscribing.

I know, I can hear you! “Tim, for the love of God, I’m NOT new! Each week you greet me as if I just subscribed an hour ago.” Do you know that when you reply to me saying that I actually chortle out loud in my office and thank Charlie Murdock? It’s all about the singular and plural use of a magic word, isn’t it?

Autumn in New Hampshire

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the cool days, crisp mornings, and the ocular-delight show Mother Nature puts on here in the Northeast. This fall the colors started out drab. I thought it was going to be a so-so season because we had a very dry summer.

I was wrong. Some of the tree colors are so vibrant, you'd think they were fake. Here are a few photos of some of the color here this year.
Fall in NH October 2020
This is Pheasant Ridge Golf Course. You're looking down on the pond that dominates the second hole. Far in the distance above the red and orange trees, you can see a sliver of Lake Winnisquam. My house is off to the right above the golden tee box on the other side of the pond.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see more stunning tree photos of the golf course from this past Thursday. I was with my good buddy Glen Aldrich, one of my NH state representatives. Did you know that the NH state house has over 400 legislators? I believe we're second only to the US Congress House of Representatives. That's pretty unique for such a small state!

BTW, I got my money's worth on Thursday if you divide the cost to play 18 holes by my score, I only paid 47 cents a shot!
Tim's Dock
This is my dock on Lake Winnisquam. It cranks up out of the water like a castle drawbridge. I'll be turning that winch crank in a few weeks. I prefer to leave the dock in the water as long as possible because I like to walk out to the end of it this time of year. It's a good place to reset your thoughts and absorb the last waning soul food the liquid water offers up. Once the lake freezes, it's just not the same standing on the shore. At least not for me.

That said, if you get bored in the winter you can play golf on the lake. CLICK or TAP HERE to see me do just that!

Gambling BIG $$$$$

Today I’ve decided to share a few brief summaries of typical emails I get each week. The common denominator in all of them is they require a discussion. A one or two-sentence reply won't suffice to transmit all you need to know. The questions and situations are often complex and after decades of answering tens of thousands of questions, I know each person will have three or four follow-up questions.

Can you imagine how much time you might invest with one person?

Often if you don’t have a discussion, you could end up making a very poor decision that might cost you thousands of dollars down the road.

Over ninety-nine percent of the time, the person emailing me decides to fly solo. I never hear back from them after suggesting they invest in a simple phone call with me.

For example, Nancy from Williamsburg, Mystery State asked, “Is it safe to cut a 1 x 12 with a 10-inch miter saw? If so, what is the best method?”

Can you imagine how much I’d have to type to make sure she doesn’t end up in the ER with two of her fingers in a bag of ice water?

Ben, a young man from Drakesboro, KY wrote, “This is a building history question. I bought a commercial building built in 1890. While doing some floor repairs, I noticed the t&g hardwood on both sides of the 30 ft wide by 100 ft long structure had gaps about 2 inches wide between the last three or four runs. The original owner had funds to build a quality building. So, running out of the material does not seem to be a good excuse for the odd spacing just about a foot along the edges for the 100 ft length. I am baffled at what was found. It was an undertaking shop and he also sold furniture, stoves, and wallpaper. Thank you for any help you can provide.”

Here’s a photo he sent. Can you imagine the back-and-forth discussion we’d have?
Ben's old tongue and groove flooring

Rita, who hails from Perrysburg, OH wrote, “What can cause a wet spot on the ceiling? This is just a wet spot and has never dripped water. The painter says it is a roof leak and the roofer says it is not. I thought I read somewhere that this can be caused by pipes but I cannot find anything on it and I just don't remember the details. I fixed the spot once and it happened again so I need to find out the cause before I try to fix the water spot again.”

Oh my, I probably could write about 5,000 words about that one! How many things can you come up with that could cause wet spots on a ceiling?

BOTTOM LINE: Here at Ask the Builder, we use the buddy system. Be smart and invest in a discussion with me. Think of what you can do with the money you save! WOOT!

But what do I know? I used to eat lunch for 20+ years sitting on empty overturned drywall mud buckets.

Lead Paint HAZARD

A very dear friend of mine told me two days ago that her one-year-old granddaughter had a standard check-up blood test come back positive for elevated lead.

This youngster and her parents live in a house that’s about 100-years-old, and I happen to know for a fact, it’s filled with lead paint both inside and outside. You need to be very careful in situations like this.

Please READ my past column about lead paint danger. CLICK or TAP HERE and prevent serious health issues for you and your loved ones.

More Ocular Delights for You

Do you like gazing? It can be productive and provide delicious food for your soul.

CLICK or TAP HERE and let me know what you think of some of the photos. I think #33 might be my favorite. I’d love to have been part of that project.

Why Are Some Rooms COLD?

Old Man Winter is almost here. You might have a few rooms in your home that are always cold. Do you want to know how the HVAC contractor screwed up?
metal ductwork

I thought so. CLICK or TAP HERE and don’t let it happen again.

That’s enough for a Sunday.

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