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Lake Winnisquam Ice Golf Championship Video

p>Tim Carter at the world headquarters of AsktheBuilder.com in Meredith, New Hampshire. It is an exciting day as we are getting ready to play a little golf.

Today is the first annual Lake Winnisquam Ice Golfing Tournament. Since AsktheBuilder.com sponsored the first hole, Tim gets to tee off the first shot in the championship. Weather conditions are perfect - a balmy 30-degrees, winds are light and variable, and the course is rock hard.

Hole 1 is 800-yards, par 3. Tim’s drive should be about 250 yards off the tee with his driver. It should then roll and bounce an additional 500 yards towards the green(?). A short chip towards the pin and one putt for par.

Special thanks to Joel Suggs, certified PGA Master Teaching Professional and Tim’s golf coach. He should love this swing.

Tim adjusts his grip and addresses the winter-orange golf ball. He swings, it is a straight drive bouncing several hundred yards down the fairway or iceway.


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