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November 24, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Welcome aboard if you're new in the last seven days. You'll soon hear the AsktheBuilder.com train whistle moan moments away as we prepare to depart the station.

If you've been riding on the AsktheBuilder.com Newsletter RR for months or years, then you know what happens when I start to board you onto the coaches. Ladies, get those cameras ready!

If this RR jargon is confusing to you, perhaps you need to CLICK or TAP HERE to see one of the skills and magic I list on my business card. I GUARANTEE you're going to like the photo you're about to see.


Have you ever thought about the symbolism of Thanksgiving occurring just six weeks before the end of the year?

It's a great time to reflect back on the past year and all the gifts God has bestowed upon you. I can tell you that 2019 for me is a year I'll never forget as I was truly blessed with so many prizes.

I'm thankful for many things not the least of which is you being part of my AsktheBuilder.com family. Not too awful long you might have played an important part in making sure I've got a continuing presence here on the Interweb. I'm forever thankful for your help in keeping me in the game.

Thanksgiving features my favorite meal of the year. I love everything about Thanksgiving dinner and I'll splurge this year on desert - both pumpkin and pecan pie.

I've recently altered my diet and pretty much cut out 90 percent of the sugar in what I eat. I'm sure I can survive a few pieces of pie spread out over a few days, what do you think?

FAST Bathroom Remodel?

Are you needing to remodel your bathroom before Christmas? You've got time to get it done. Years ago, the average time for me to complete a standard bathroom remodel was six DAYS. Kitchen remodels took longer and some kitchen jobs stretched out for quite a few weeks!

CLICK or TAP HERE to get FREE QUOTES and IDEAS about your upcoming bathroom remodel job.

Installing A Noritz Combi Boiler

installation noritz boiler

About ten days ago, I had the distinct pleasure to install the Noritz NRCB combi boiler in my daughter's new home on Mt. Desert Island in Downeast Maine. Not only does that small box - about the size of a medium piece of luggage! - heat the house, but it also provides the house with UNLIMITED domestic hot water so long as you have propane and a wet well!

Yes, I installed much of the copper you see in the above photo. The rest was installed by my son-in-law. He also took the bull by the horns and installed all of the high and low-voltage wiring for the recirculating pumps.

The installation was really easy. We used a Ridgid Press tool to make all those fancy copper connections you see in the above photo. There was NO SOLDERING! How is that possible you ask? CLICK or TAP the following link!!!!!

CLICK or TAP HERE to see quite a few step-by-step photos of the installation. It was in a very small closet and we got everything to fit. When you visit that page you'll see a short video of how unbelievable the Ridgid Press tool is. Strap yourself in to be WOWED!

Olight Stocking Stuffer

Olight LED flashlight

Here's a fantastic stocking stuffer for all those folks on your Christmas list that love handy gadgets. CLICK or TAP HERE to get one, or maybe five of them.

I reviewed this LED light last year and want to report it's been on my keychain for eleven months without an issue. It works, it holds a charge and it's BRIGHT.

This is a gift that every loved one you give it to will appreciate. If not, have them give me a call and I'll help them recalibrate their gratefulness sensor.

Concrete Sidewalk Specifications & Drawing

A few weeks ago, you may have helped me with your ideas about new simple drawings and specifications that will allow you to:

  • make sure your projects are done RIGHT
  • get great bids because all contractors are bidding the SAME THING

I uploaded my first one of these products several days ago to my shopping cart. Here's just a part of the hand-drawn full-color drawing you get:

Concrete Sidewalk Sample Drawing

Using these simple specifications and drawing you'll significantly INCREASE your chances of getting your new concrete sidewalk done the RIGHT WAY so it lasts for generations.

CLICK or TAP HERE to get your set now.

I've dropped the price from $14.95 to $9.95 because you're a member of my AsktheBuilder.com family.

This discount will last for one week, so don't delay. You get a PDF file that you text, email, or send by carrier pigeon to your bidding contractors.

Shop at Amazon?

If you plan to shop at Amazon for Christmas gifts, you can help ensure this newsletter keeps coming to you each week by using my affiliate link to shop at Amazon.

I get a very tiny slice of the purchase price of anything you buy. It doesn't cost you any extra money, as all it does is lower the amount of money Jeff Bezos gets to pump JP-1A (kerosene) into his private jet.

CLICK or TAP HERE to use my special link.

Square a Deck

Look at this photo and imagine the challenge in front of you:

square a deck

CLICK or TAP HERE to see if you would solve the conundrum as I would. Remember, there are ten ways to skin this cat.

That's quite enough for a Sunday morning. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving if you live here in the USA. If your country has a similar holiday, I wish you tidings of gratitude, peace and good fortune..

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
SUPER CLEAN EVERYTHING - www.StainSolver.com
Transform a Dock into an Antenna - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. The bay rum cologne really works. CLICK that link and scroll to the bottom of the page. Ladies, consider giving it as a gift to your soulmate if you want him to intoxicate you each time he walks by or sits next to you on the couch eating popcorn watching a movie.


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