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January 19, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Are you so new that this is your first newsletter? Welcome! Be aware that you may score a prize or two each week. Some are hidden within this issue of the newsletter!

You may be an experienced subscriber. One that's seen me on both bad and good days. Remember that issue where I talked about my adventure to mukuntuweap? Yeah, that was crazy exciting!

Six years ago, I almost cut off my finger using a power miter saw. I was cutting chunks of oak from a small piece of firewood. It was a stupid thing to do.

The accident happened because I forced the spinning sharp saw blade down into the wood too fast. There was an explosion of wood in front of me. It's a good thing I wear glasses and why you should wear safety glasses. I should also wear safety glasses OVER my regular glasses.

The next thing I knew my left middle finger was hurting. I looked at it and it was still there so that was good news! But a piece of the wood with a sharp edge somehow slammed into the top of the fingernail. Little did I know at the time but it caused some sort of permanent damage to the nail bed below the nail.

The result is the nail is always split in two when it grows out. If I don't keep that nail trimmed close, it snags on fabrics. It's become a persistent pesky problem.

Three days ago, this fingernail snagged on a nice fleece I was wearing. Fortunately, the fleece didn't get damaged. I got frustrated with the nail and rather than walk thirty feet to get a nail clippers I ripped one part of the nail off. This impulsive reaction caused part of the tender nail bed to be exposed. It not only hurt, but it also started to bleed.

I washed my hands, put on a bandage, and grumbled for about two hours about my bad luck as my lovely daughter Kelly would say to me if she were here. Once the bleeding was staunched, I removed the bandage as I wanted to see if I could discover the true cause of the nail-bed flaw.

Out came my trusty Hastings Triplet - a 10X magnifier I've had since the fall of 1972 as a Geology 101 student. You use a 10X magnifier much like you see a jeweler use her/his loupe. You put it up to your eye and get really close to what you're looking at.

I couldn't see exactly what was going on in the nail bed but I started looking at my fingers. Oh my! When you think you have clean hands, think again!

To the naked eye, my hands looked clean. Looking at them through the powerful magnifier it appeared someone sprinkled a tiny box of Trix cereal on my fingertips. There were micro fibers and lots of colored particles of who-knows-what in the countless curved grooves that create fingerprints.

No wonder surgeons and operating nurses scrub their hands with those special sponge pads for five minutes or more!

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Cranberry or Any Fruit Stain

Look at this photo:
Peggy's Sleeveless Top
You're looking at Peggy's very nice sleeveless once pure-white top. That's a spatter of cranberry juice. Ooops!

Guess what? Stain Solver made Peggy's white top WHITE again. Peggy loves Stain Solver because it's certified organic.

She didn't use HARSH chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach RUINS fabrics!!!

CLICK or TAP HERE to see the rest of Peggy's cranberry-juice story and the AFTER photo of her stunning sleeveless top.

No scrubbing was required to restore the top. My Stain Solver is both FABRIC and COLOR-SAFE!

Stain Solver will clean THOUSANDS of stains from anything water washable.

And with it being winter here north of the equator it's time for the first-annual Old Man Winter Stain Solver SALE.

You can get 10% off any sale over $25 and FREE SHIPPING to the forty-four states that are glued to the four commonwealths.

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The sale ENDS in just seven days. ORDER NOW before you forget, silly!

Smoking Fireplace - Not Vaping or Cigarettes!

Four days ago, a contractor purchased one of my VIP Fast Answers. A homeowner hired him to try to figure out why a pass-through (double opening) fireplace was smoking.

see through fireplace smoking

See Through Fireplace Smoking | This is my own see through fireplace. Guess what? It doesn't smoke!!! Want to know why? Keep reading!

I immediately knew why the fireplace was smoking even though I was 1,500 miles away and had not seen the fireplace.

Do you think it's because I have strong mystic powers, or, do you think it might have something to do with me owning a see-through fireplace? That's my fireplace in the photo above.

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If you have a normal fireplace - not a see-through one - that's smoking CLICK or TAP HERE to discover what you need to do to stop choking smoke from billowing into your house.

I NEED Your Help - Pocket Door Questions, Please!

I'm working on a fun project and need your help.

I can't share exactly what the project is about - yes, you'll know soon - but it involves me answering a question you might have about pocket doors.

If you take the time to ask ONE question, you'll get a special prize. You'll get a PROMO CODE for 30% off ALL of my digital download products at my AsktheBuilder.com store.

When you go to my store, just about every publication is digital. You're smart. Anything made from atoms and would be delivered by UPS or the USPS would not be considered digital. Examples: Rolls of copper are not digital. Me drawing Plumbing Plans for you is not digital because I use paper and a pen to create the drawings.

Believe me, there are MANY digital download products you might be interested in!

For example, Mary just a day ago purchased my Cork Flooring eBook. What? You didn't know about cork flooring? Tsk tsk!

Now, back to the pocket door questions.

For example, do you have questions about pocket door:

  • installation
  • repair
  • design - what types of doors can you use
  • latest technology
  • magic that keeps the doors ON THE TRACK
  • ????

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Toasty Warm Bathroom Floors

I've got a tile floor in my bathroom. It used to be ICE COLD.

I'm talking, continental glacier ice cold, not the wimpy Athabasca Glacier ice.

Four years ago, I was remodeling a basement bathroom below the master bathroom and all of a sudden I had access to the underside of the master bathroom floor. I could clearly see the PEX heating line that went to the baseboard heaters in the master bathroom.

BANGO! I got some aluminum heat transfer plates and screwed them to the underside of the floor. The next step was to cut into the PEX heating line to install additional PEX that snapped into the heat transfer plates.

Now the bathroom floor is TOASTY WARM. I mean lay-on-the-floor-think-you're-in-Heaven warm.

So, do you have access to the underside of your bathroom floor? You can do a simple radiant heat retrofit like this without needing a boiler. You can use a SMALL water heater - a normal water heater - to provide the heat.


If the hot-water method described above seems too hard, you can do it with ELECTRIC heat mats under the tile.

electric radiant floor mat

Now, this assumes you're going to be remodeling your bathroom, building a new home, or adding a bath in a room addition.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how I installed these mats in my man cave where I'm TOASTY WARM and it's 5 F outdoors. Yes, I heat my lair with electric floor mats under my laminate flooring.

That's enough for a Sunday, wouldn't you say?

Thanks for looking at all the links in this issue. Don't forget, you can get a one-time 30% OFF DISCOUNT PROMO CODE to use on all my digital downloads if you ask a pocket-door question!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
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Do It Right, Not Over!

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