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Hastings Triplet 10X Review

hastings triplet 10x

Hastings Triplet 10X | This is my own triplet that I bought back in 1972. It's super durable and is well worth the purchase price. CLICK THE PHOTO now to have one in your hands in days.

Hastings Triplet 10X Review - Very Handy Lasts Decades

I've owned my Hastings Triplet 10X magnifier since 1972. I was required to buy one for my Geology 101 lab course.

I use my magnifier for these tasks:

  • wood splinter removal
  • check solder connections on circuit boards
  • inspect expensive jewelry settings BEFORE a failure
  • close inspection of anything, including Tim's finger! (Check the story out in the January 19, 2020 Newsletter)

Hold the Hastings Triplet to Your Eye

For best performance, you need to hold the magnifier very close to your eye. Believe me, you'll be blown away by what you'll see. Watch the video at the bottom of this page for the proper technique.

The detail on jewelry is astounding. Look at how you can count the teeth in the skull on my mother's College of Pharmacy pin from 1946.

hastings triplet 10X

Look at the incredible detail you can see. You can actually get BETTER results if you hold it to your eye. This is the best I could do with my smartphone camera which was about 4 inches away from the magnifier. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to order one.

CLICK HERE to order a high-quality Hastings Triplet 10X magnifier.

hastings triplet 10x

This is my mother's College of Pharmacy pin. The skull on the pin is perhaps only 1/8-inch wide! Yet look at the detail the Hastings Triplet 10X magnifier picks up. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have your own Hastings Triplet 10X magnifier. Don't fall for cheap knockoffs - you'll regret buying a piece of crap.

How to Use a Hastings Triplet 10X Magnifier

Watch this video to see the proper technique to use one of these great tools.

Hastings Triplet 10X Review - High Quality Magnifier Lasts for Decades
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Hastings Triplet 10X Review - High Quality Magnifier Lasts for Decades
My Hastings Triplet 10X magnifier is over 45 years old. It's helped me get splinters out of my hand and saved me many times. Great demo photos here.
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