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Frost in Closet

condensation on mirror

Frost in Closet | This is normal condensation on a mirror. Water vapor in the air has transformed into liquid water on the COOLER mirror surface. The same fog happens in closets and on COLD days it turns into FROST.

Frost in Closet - Simple Reasons - Easy to Stop

You have frost in your closet, right? That's why you're here. It may be on the ceiling or most likely an exterior wall. Should you be worried? Maybe.

What Causes the Frost in Closet?

The frost is caused by water vapor that condenses on the cold exterior wall/ceiling and then turns to solid ice crystals. WATCH this LIVE stream video I did about the topic. I go into great detail about frost in your closet:

Why is There No Frost on the Exterior Wall Outside the Closet?

There's no frost on the wall in the room on the other side of the closet for several reasons:

  • the wall may get washed with warm air from a nearby floor supply register
  • the wall is in an open room where moving air helps evaporate the condensing water on the wall
  • the wall probably has a thin film of condensation on it that hasn't yet transformed into frost

How Can I STOP the Frost from Forming?

You can stop the frost in the closet by:

  • lowering the humidity in your house
  • keeping the closet door open as often as possible so warmer air can get to the wall
  • turn on a small fan that blows air into the closet while the door is open

Can the Frost Cause Damage?

Yes, the frost can lead to mold and mildew. Your clothes can become covered with mold and mildew making you sick. The mold and mildew may not be visible to you, but it could be in the early growth stages.

Tim Carter offers phone coaching over the phone to solve your frost problem.



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