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Indoor Humidity – How Much Is Needed

condensation on mirror

Indoor Humidity | This is normal condensation on a mirror. Water vapor in the air has transformed into liquid water on the COOLER mirror surface. The same fog is FORMING on your walls and you DON'T SEE IT because of the paint on the walls. Too much humidity in a house can lead to serious mold and mildew issues.

Indoor Humidity - You Need Just Enough

DEAR TIM: My house seems to require more humidity in the winter than my neighbor's house. Both houses are the same age, size, style, and use identical heating and humidification equipment. I constantly get zotted by static electricity at my house but not at my neighbor's house. Our humidistats and thermostats are set identically. Both have been calibrated and are functioning properly, but my heating bills are higher. The weatherperson on TV reports relative humidity readings in excess of 70 percent daily. What is going on? I. S.

DEAR I. S.: So, those fingertips are a little tender? Well, I may be able to help you and save you some money at the same time. There are several things that may be happening in your situation. More than one thing could be wrong. Let's start with the easy things.

Should I Check My Humidifier?

Let's check your humidifier first. Make sure that the water supply to the humidifier is turned on and that water actually flows into your humidifier. Some humidifiers have a small plastic flow restrictor at the end of the water tube as it enters the humidifier. This restrictor has a very tiny hole through which the water flows. If obstructed, this could be the source of your problem. I have had trouble in the past with this restriction on my own humidifier.

Can You Explain Attic Insulation and Humidity to Me?

Yes, I can explain attic insulation and humidity in this LIVE stream video broadcast I did. Watch it:

Do Humidifiers Get Clogged?

The water transfer pads or media inside the humidifier may be clogged with mineral deposits. If this is the case, cleaning or replacing them should solve the problem. Often these pads can be reused by allowing them to soak in warm vinegar. The acidic vinegar dissolves the mineral deposits. You may need to let it soak overnight and repeat the process to remove heavy mineral buildup.

Can Dry Outside Air Lower Indoor Humidity?

If your humidifier is working properly and you still have lower indoor relative humidity than your neighbor, it is a sign of a more serious problem. Your higher heating bills may be the clue. I feel that your humid air is leaking out of your house and being replaced by drier, outside air.

Can Cold Air Hold More Water Vapor Than Warm Air?

Don't be fooled by the weather reports. As the temperature of the outside air drops, it can hold much less moisture. The relative humidity of cold outside air may well be 70 - 80 percent. Bring this air inside, heat it to 72 degrees, and the relative humidity of that same air drops to 2 percent!

Are Air Leaks Serious?

Houses often have hidden air leaks. You can discover more about air leaks in homes here. Seal any and all areas where you feel cold air entering your house. If you feel cold air entering, it is a sure sign that humid, warm air is escaping. If you can inspect your attic, look for places where pipes and wires penetrate the attic from below. Quite possibly these penetrations are not sealed. Look for these same penetrations in your basement ceiling. Often, electricians and plumbers create open chimneys within exterior and interior walls when they install their wires and pipes.

What is the Best Indoor Humidity Setting?

Once you locate the leaks, adjust your humidifier to a minimal setting of about 45-50% humidity. Remember, humidity is a moving target as it depends on what temperature the air is inside your home. Most normal household activities (bathing, breathing, cooking, etc.) produce adequate indoor humidity. Don't overdo it!

Can Tim Carter Call Me to Help?

Yes, Tim can call you. CLICK or TAP HERE to set up a fast phone call.


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