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Flushable Wipes Test Video

Flushable Wipes Video | Watch this video to see what happens with name-brand flushable wipes when flushed in a normal household toilet. This was part of the March 17, 2020 AsktheBuilder Emergency Alert regarding COVID-19.

Flushable Wipes - Not Great for Septic Systems Not Terrible For Covered Bathroom Garbage Cans

Please read my original column about flushable wipes.

Read the complaint letter I received from the Responsible Flushing Alliance about my column.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you watch the following video, pay very close attention to the end where Tim Carter is back on camera. He'll tell you exactly what you should flush down toilets. If you don't hear him mention a product you didn't see in the video demonstration, then that means DO NOT FLUSH it down your toilet.

Here's a photo of the test setup I used to create this video:

flushable wipes test

This is the testing setup for my video. It's a true test for what happens in your home. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter


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