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April 30, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Hello there! Say, you don’t look familiar. Oh, no wonder, you’re a new subscriber! Welcome! I love listening to music when I compose this newsletter. When I was young I broke all the rules and played all the fools. Do you know what song is playing here in my cave? CLICK or TAP HERE if you want to know what the song is and to get your blood pumping. BTW, I don’t really think you’re a fool! Quite the contrary!

You, on the other hand, may have been a subscriber since way back when I shared the one blockbuster column that really upset the water heater manufacturers. Do you remember that one? WOWZA, they were none too happy! CLICK or TAP HERE to see what put a bee in their bonnet. BE SURE TO READ the comments sent in by homeowners!!! HOLY TOMATO!

Sharon and Mr. Sharon

A few weeks ago, I called Sharon. Here’s the problem she faced:

fix old doorknob

This call was so much fun! I don’t want to ruin the surprise. You MUST LISTEN for yourself. It’s HILARIOUS.

CLICK or TAP HERE sit back for a few minutes and enjoy. It’s a short phone call.

Cleaning and SANITIZING Facts

Still in a tizzy about the health hysteria swirling all around the world? It reminds me of a whirlpool in a fast-draining sink. Wondering what you can do to have some control? Maybe I can help!

Do you know the BEST way to sanitize a surface if you’re trying to stay as healthy as possible and not get sick?

It’s not as easy as you might think. First and foremost, to truly sanitize a surface, you must CLEAN it first.

Sanitizing doesn’t automagically CLEAN a surface.

Many sanitizers are NOT CLEANERS. Don’t confuse the two.

Here’s an example. Many years ago, washing dishes at Skyline Chili in Cincinnati, OH, was my first real job. The washing cycle of the machine lasted one minute.

For the first 48 seconds, the high-powered machine washed the dishes. It CLEANED them removing all food particles.

The last 12 seconds of the cycle were for SANITIZING. The rinse water was boosted to 180 F or higher. You could see the thermometer on the machine cover spike.

During rush periods, when the restaurant was busy, you had to get the scalding hot dishes out of the rack immediately. Believe me, they were as HOT as Hades!

Stain Solver Sample Size

Cleaning before sanitizing is essential. Do you want the BEST CLEANER you can use before you sanitize? If so, you want my Stain Solver. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the most powerful cleaner you can buy. Stain Solver is certified organic and the two pure ingredients are made in the USA.

Here’s another BIG plus! When mixed with water, Stain Solver offers many of the same functional benefits as the liquid hydrogen peroxide you buy in those brown bottles at the grocery store. CLICK or TAP HERE to order some Stain Solver before you try to sanitize anything.

FUN Quiz!

Did you take the last fun quiz? WOW! You almost tilted Google Forms with your record number of responses. If you didn’t take the quiz, don’t miss out this week!

CLICK or TAP HERE to see all the past FUN QUIZZES.

Today’s quiz is quite interesting. Imagine this scenario:

Your neighbor needs to borrow something you own. I know, I know, Neither a borrower nor lender be is the old saying. But you relent and help him out. Think about this photo:
salt map of texas

CLICK or TAP HERE to see if you lend him the right thing!

Gary’s New Roof

Gary emailed me about a week ago:

“Just had a new roof installed. As I was getting my quotes, I had asked about adding copper to the roof. They said that the new shingles have an ingredient in them that is resistant to mold and discoloring. I am thinking I should add the copper. I do not want to void my warranty or harm my roof by doing it. What are your thoughts?"

This is a very interesting email when you parse it.

First, I don’t think the roofers understood Gary’s question about WHY he wanted to add the copper.

Second, WHAT type of copper needs to be added?

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch a video of me explaining what copper can do. You’ll also hear my advice and see a photograph of how I’d install the copper on Gary’s roof.

Sap Stain Removal

Imagine you discovered tree sap stains on your hearth or another stone area in your home. How would you go about removing it?

Theresa asked me about this and I called her up with good news! Look at the stain:

sap stain removal

CLICK or TAP HERE to discover how I’d clean that stain in no time.

HELP from Potters

Feeling creative? Do you make your own pottery? If so, do you use a wood-fired kiln to change the clay mineralogy? My youngest daughter and I are building a very small prototype wood-fired kiln based on a video we saw on YouTube. We poured the foundation for it yesterday.
wood-fired kiln foundation

I’d love to get some advice about firing pottery in a wood-fired kiln. If you can help would you reply to this email and let me know if I can give you a call. Thanks!

That’s quite enough for a Thursday.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
CLEAN before SANITIZING - www.StainSolver.com
Cool Waves - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. How would you create a tunnel under a sidewalk or driveway if you needed to get a cable under it?

I discovered an injeanyus trick years ago from a fellow plumber. CLICK or TAP HERE to watch a short video. You’ll say, “WTH? Why didn’t I think of that????”


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