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Sap Stain Removal Podcast 64 - Click to Listen:

Tim Carter called Theresa not too long ago. Her husband had great intentions, but...:

"We have a sap stain on our stone hearth about 1 foot in diameter. It was from a chainsaw-carved bear my husband believed was a good Mother's Day present. Due to the sap stain, it is a gift that keeps giving. We are trying to sell our house now and I'd like to get the sap out of/off of the stone"

How Do You Remove Sap Stain?

Sap stain removal is easy using a powerful oxygen bleach like Stain Solver. The solution attacks the sap and you can scrub it away with ease. LISTEN to the above podcast for exact step-by-step instructions. Look at the dramatic photos of the sap stain:

sap stain removal

You can see how the sap stain is not desirable. You clean it with certified organic Stain Solver. 

sap stain removal

Look what the bear did! You can clean up sap stain with Stain Solver. It's certified organic. CLICK or TAP HERE to order yours now.

Two Weeks Later:

Theresa emailed me overnight and was pretty happy. Read for yourself and look at her photos!

"Dear Tim,

You were right!  Stain Solver got rid of the sap that has been on our hearth for years and years."

sap stain removal

Theresa mixed up some Stain Solver and it allowing it to dissolve the sap.

sap stain removal

Ta Da! The hearth looks brand new! Stain Solver is AMAZING. CLICK or TAP HERE to order some.

WATCH the following video to see how I'd remove the sap stain. It's the SAME PROCESS even though I'm cleaning a composite deck.

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