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Y2K Video

Will Y2K be something to worry about?? Better be prepared just in case. What should you do to prepare for possible disruptions in electrical and other services. If you about to lose power for a length of time in cold weather, you will need to drain your plumbing system. Getting the water out of the pipes will keep them from bursting if the water inside freezes. Close off the main water valve to your house. Then open some water faucets that are low in your house. This is drain the water out of the pipes. Flush the toilets to remove the water in them.

Stock pile some water in plastic jugs or 2 liter pop bottles. If you use milk jugs, be sure to completely rinse out the bottles with water. All the milk has to be removed or the water will taste bad.

Get some flashlights and spare batteries. A battery powered radio should also be added to your Y2K survival kit. This will provide some connection with the outside world.

Sleeping bags or extra blankets will provide warmth for those nights without power. If you have a fireplace, stock up on fire wood.

As we know now, Y2K did not disrupt services. Computers continued to function and the year 2000 entered without any major problems. However, these tips are still useful if you know you will be without electrical services for an extended period. Some of Mother Nature's storms have knocked out more power than Y2K. Stay prepared.


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