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Vinyl Siding Checklist

This Checklist contains:

  • Secret videos to help you locate a Professional
  • Questions you ask each bidder - I provide the answers for you
  • Cost Breakdown - You see Labor, Materials, Overhead and Profit
  • Articles Explaining How the Job Should be Done
  • Instant Download .pdf file! - You get it seconds after Checkout
  • No-Hassle 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • FREE SAMPLE Checklist! - Water Heater Checklist
  • Cost - Just $7.00

Morning Tim,

Just wanted to share my opinion with you, I have down loaded the checklist I purchased from you. I have to say you knocked the ball out of the park. Thank you for a excellent job, my gain.
- Jim Richardson

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Looking for vinyl siding, but don't know which company to go with? This Contractor Hiring Guide & Checklist allows you to separate the real siding pros from the bottom feeders.


We found the checklist very helpful. Using the checklist, we knew what to ask bidders and understood their replies. We knew what to ask for also, since we had informed ourselves. Our project is completed now and we are very pleased with the results. Thank you for being somewhere to go for information.

- Sue Allyn, Tacoma, WA


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My Vinyl Siding Checklist costs just $7.00.

My Checklist can and will save you heartache and lots of money.


My Vinyl Siding Checklist costs just $7.00.

It is delivered to you the instant your credit is approved in the common PDF format that can be viewed with free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Click the Adobe graphic just below to download the latest version of this free software. Many modern computers already have this software installed at the factory. You simply double click the Download URL link in the email that is sent to you and the Checklist automatically opens.

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