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Treated Lumber Cracking

Treated Lumber Cracking - STOP Cracks By Using Great Sealer Below

Treated lumber cracking happens because water soaks into the wood. The wood swells creating stress within the wood's cellular structure. When the water evaporates, the wood shrinks. This movement causes tension forces that start to tear the lumber apart.

The cracks you see are the visible signs of this tearing apart of the wood fibers. This is why wood is classified as a hygroscopic material.

How Can I STOP the Treated Lumber Cracking?

You stop cracking by keeping water out of the lumber. I do this using Cabot Australian Timber Oil. Please purchase it using the link below since I'm helping you save your treated lumber. Thank you in advance. You can also reciprocate by subscribing to my FREE newsletter.

boat dock sealer stain

CLICK or TAP HERE or the can to have this delivered to your home. This is the product I use on my boat dock that gets punishing sun and weather.

Why Do The Cracks Get Deeper and Wider?

The cracks get deeper and wider because they allow water to soak deeper into the wood. This acts like a wedge splitting apart firewood.

If the Wood is Cracked, Should I Fill It?

Yes, you should fill and sand the wood cracks before sealing the wood. Use this premium exterior wood filler:



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