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Thinset On Concrete Video

When you are ready to install ceramic tile on a concrete slab, here a few of Tim’s tips for proper installation. The first tip when working on a concrete floor is to wear knee pads or a kneeing stool. This will protect your knees over the long haul.

The next tip is to use a crack isolation membrane between the concrete floor and you ceramic tile. If you are matching the height of an existing tile floor, this might not be possible.

Next, apply a layer of thinset down on the concrete. The thinset, when cured, will have a very hard surface for the ceramic tile. This will put the tile from pulling down, due to weight or foot traffic, and end up cracking. Before applying the thinset, be sure the floor is clean and smooth, then take a sponge and some clear water, lightly sponge off the area where you are working. This will remain any remaining dust on the floor. Be sure the floor does not end up too wet.

Use a notched trowel to smooth the thinset to a uniform thickness. Hold the trowel at a 45 degree angle to ensure that you do not scrape off the thinset, making it too thin. Be sure to keep the thinset off existing tiles.

Then press your tile down into the thinset, keeping the edge of the tile parallel with your guideline. Getting the concrete slab a little damp before laying the thinset and tile will increase the bonding between the thinset and the concrete.


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