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Colorize Mexican Tile


Colorize and Stain Mexican Tile - Use a Masonry Stain

It's so very easy to colorize Mexican tile. You can also stain patio pavers or Mexican tile using a liquid translucent stain.

Stain Patio Pavers Advice From Heaven

The advice you get from some experts is not always the best. Many people seem to think that painters tape should be used. Painters tape can stop some paint and stain from going astray.

Sanded Grout Is Too Coarse

The best way to stain patio pavers is to use a high-quality tapered paintbrush. The grout lines between pavers will thank you.

Dab out some of the stain away from the grout line. The next step is to flex the brush. You only want a few of the edge bristles near the grout.

Adjusting how much flex and how hard you press down on the brush controls the amount of stain that flows out of the brush.

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Excellent Stain Patio Pavers Brush

Here's the great brush I used in the above video:

Purdy Paint Brush

This is the exact high-quality paintbrush I used in the video. Be sure to clean it out frequently and it will last for years. CLICK THE BRUSH NOW to have one delivered to your home.


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