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Excellent Illustrated Publications

Quick Guide: Roofing. Dave Schiff, Creative Homeowner, 2nd ed., 1995.

Roofing: Step-by-Step Projects Creative Homeowner Press, 2004. "Everything homeowner's need to install a roof properly. Provides detailed instructions for jobs such as flashing and fixing leaks..."

Roofing Materials & Installation  William P. Spence, Sterling Publishing Co., 2004.  "Learn how to make repairs, prepare the roof for the construction process, and choose the best materials for your home."

Roofing: The Best of Fine Homebuilding. Taunton Press, 1996.

All About Roofing and Siding Basics. Ortho Books, 2001.

The Roofing Handbook. Robert Scharff, McGraw-Hill, 2nd ed., 2000. "The most complete A-to-Z handbook on the basics of residential roofing, with over 250 illustrations."

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