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  • Roof Flashing - Tim Carter, the founder of, provides you with the basics about flashings. It's important to realize the vast majority of leaks happen at these important flashings. Listen to the above podcast to gain valuable knowledge and tips.
  • Where are flashings on a roof?
  • What are the best flashing materials?
  • Should you caulk flashings?
  • How do you seal flashings?
roof flashing podcast

The brown bent aluminum is step flashing. The aluminum extends under the shingle and goes up the roof under the next flashing about 2 to 3 inches. The roofer made a SERIOUS ERROR where my finger is pointing. There should be an additional piece of flashing that's called a kick-out flashing. The lower end is bent and soldered and directs the water out to the front face of the exterior siding or stucco. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

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