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Roof Cracking Sounds Winter


Roof Cracking Sounds Winter

Roof Cracking Sounds Winter | This roof can crack and creak in the winter with wind and snow loads on it. This column was SO GOOD that I shared with the 31,000 subscribers who read my February 2, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

Roof Cracking Sounds Winter | Snow Loads, Ice Weight & Wind

"Roof cracking sounds in the winter are common. Some sounds are caused by heavy snow and ice, some are caused by high winds, and the sun might cause cracking sounds on bluebird days."

Tim Carter - Founder | AsktheBuilder.com

Roof cracking sounds are somewhat common in the winter. The most dangerous situations are when the roof is about to collapse because of too much snow and ice.

The timbers and framing lumber will crack before the collapse, but sometimes there's not a lot of warning.

Can Wind Cause Cracking Sounds?

Yes, strong winds can cause cracking sounds in your roof. The force of wind on a large flat surface like a roof can produce thousands of pounds of force.

The lumber can move in the roof and this creates the cracking or creaking sounds.

How Can I Stop the Cracking Sound?

The best way to stop the cracking sound is to remove snow from the roof. You want to reduce the load on the roof as much as possible. Use a roof rake with a long aluminum handle to achieve this.

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What Else Can Cause Cracking Noise?

The sun heating up an attic in moderate climates can create cracking sounds. An attic that is cold overnight can heat up fast on a sunny morning. This heating creates uneven expansion forces in the roof framing.

The result is cracking much like your tendons and bones crack as you stretch in the morning.

There's not much you can do to stop cracking sounds caused by thermal expansion. It's pretty normal.

Roof Cracking Sounds In Winter Could be Dangerous
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Roof Cracking Sounds In Winter Could be Dangerous
The roof cracking sounds in the winter could be caused by too much snow and ice on the roof. Wind and sunlight might also be to blame.
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