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How to Repair Wood Rot

How to Repair Wood Rot Video

Repair wood rot is what your significant other asks you to do. But you don't know the best way.

To put it differently, you don't know what's product to use and what will last.

Repair Wood Rot Using Epoxy & Hardener

The first thing to remember is you need to use a material that's not going to fail again. Wood epoxy should be your go-to choice. You should use the liquid wood hardener before mixing up the epoxy.

PC Woody epoxy

This is the milky liquid you brush onto the rotted wood. Allow it to harden for 24 hours before using the PC Woody epoxy. CLICK THE BOTTLE to have this delivered to your home in days.

I've had the best luck so far with a product called PC Woody.

PC Woody Epoxy

This is PC Woody. It's a fantastic two-part epoxy that's very sticky. It's easy to sand once hard. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have it delivered to your door.

This epoxy is two distinct colors. You mix it using a putty knife until the color is consistent. I prefer to mix it on a piece of sturdy cardboard.

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Use Hardener First

Wood rot attacks the cells of wood. Severe wood rot creates a stringy mess. You can stiffen this summer wood that remains by saturating the remaining wood with a liquid hardener. The people that make PC Woody make PC Petrifier that does a great job.

The hardener is a milky liquid that dries clear. It usually takes 24 hours to dry, then you can apply the PC Woody.

Sandable, Stainable & Paintable

Another key point is the wood epoxy can be sanded smooth. You can paint or stain the epoxy and the repair should be invisible.

The first thing to remember is the epoxy needs to be hard before you start to sand it. It's best to wait at least 48 hours before you sand it.

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