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Preventing Frozen Pipes

preventing frozen pipes

Preventing frozen pipes was not a priority for the plumber who did this poor job. These CPVC water lines froze even though they were covered with insulation. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Water Pipes Need Not Freeze

This is the column Tim added in his January 3, 2018 AsktheBuilder Second Newsletter.

Water supply lines in your home freeze because they get cold. Your plumber or builder should be smart enough to know to keep water lines on the warm sides of floors and walls.

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Preventing Frozen Pipes Checklist:

  • Water lines should be installed on the warm side of walls and floors
  • Design house or room addition so plumbing fixtures are not on exterior walls if possible
  • Exterior walls and floors that must have water lines must be oversized and thicker
  • Water lines in exterior walls and cold floors must touch up against warm wall surface
  • Create one-inch air space between water lines and tight-fitting closed cell foam insulation in wall / floor cavity

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Installation Requires Attention To Detail

Extra attention is required for preventing frozen pipes. Do all these things:

  • Use PEX piping in walls subject to freezing. PEX can handle repeated freeze/thaw events without bursting
  • Install separate easy-to-access shutoff valves for water lines that could freeze in case lines burst
  • Turn off water shutoff valves in bitter weather and open faucet valves to release pressure

PEX No-Burst Water Pipe is Easy to Install

Watch me demonstrate how to connect PEX piping to a fitting in about 15 seconds. PEX is something to use when thinking about how you'll take care of preventing frozen pipes. This plastic piping is true DIY plumbing piping material.

You don't need a fancy power tool like you see me use in the video. Simple hand-powered expansion tools can be purchased very affordably.

It's important to realize you can convert to PEX piping from copper, CPVC or any other water supply line. Just use PEX in those walls / floors that are in danger of freezing.

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