Podcast 23 Replace Concrete Stoop

Ask the Builder Podcast 23 Replace Concrete Stoop:

  • Replace Concrete Stoop - Tim Carter, the founder of AsktheBuilder.com, talks to David in Kentucky about replacing the concrete stoop that is on the side wall of his garage. It's dangerous and slippery in the winter. Tim offers David a simple solution that's DIY friendly and low maintenance in the future.

Here are the photos of David's concrete stoop:

replace concrete stoop

This is David's stoop. You're not supposed to have a narrow step as the first thing you step on leaving the door. That's a building code violation in most places. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

replace concrete stoop

You can see the stoop has really dropped down at the front edge. This happened because the builder FAILED to put self-compacting fill above the footer up to grade level at this location. When you know you're going to have concrete like this next to a house, the fill under the slab must either be compacted, that's expensive and most builders don't do it, or you just put in rounded pea gravel that's self-compacting. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

This is the gap between the concrete stoop and the brick on the side of David's home. You want to make sure the gap is BIGGER than this when you replace the stoop with a small wood platform. You want a 1.5-inch gap if possible. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter


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