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Ask the Builder Podcast 19 Highlights:

  • Fireplace Refacing - Tim Carter, founder of AsktheBuilder.com, saves Brett's marriage! Brett is in a race to satisfy his wife because she's not happy at all with the 1960s stone fireplace in their living room.

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Fireplace Refacing Podcast

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Here's Brett's email. I'm sure you understand why I'm not giving out his email address, DUH!

Your Real Name: Brett Payne

Email: savemymarriage@itsnoneofyourbusiness.com

City and State: Worthington, OH

Your Question: Help! My marriage depends on this. My wife is tired of looking at the old and outdated fireplace.

She either wants it painted or framed out and replaced with wood/shiplap and a mantel added. I looked into painting it but the stone seems like it would be very porous and soak up a lot of paint. Also when I cleaned the stone some of the grout cam crumbling out which would not be good when painting.

For the framing out, I am familiar with the codes for how close anything can be to the opening of the box. the fireplace has not been used for over 10 years and we have no plans to use it. This is our forever house, at least until I get kicked out for not getting this project started and finished.

So my question: IF I could paint this, what paint should I use, how best to clean the stone and what about the grout? If I were to frame it out, how best would I do that, attach directly to the concrete hearth? Any suggestions/pointers/ would be greatly appreciated. Our house was built in 1966. Multi-split level. Thanks, Brett

During the podcast I mention to Brett that he can use this amazing paint sprayer to paint the stone if he feels his wife might like that. Watch this video as you listen to the podcast:

fireplace resurfacing

This is why Brett's wife is about to kick him out of the house. Do you think I can save the marriage? Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

fireplace resurfacing

Here's a closer look at Brett's fireplace. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

fireplace resurfacing

Now you can really see the classic thin stone from the 1960s. This was very very popular. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter



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