Podcast 14

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Ask the Builder Podcast 14 Highlights:

  • Foundation hole too deep
  • Water leaking into the crawlspace
  • Best garage insulation
  • Tim shares a story about the sun destroying your things

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Photos, Links and Great Stuff:

CALL 1 Foundation Hole Too Deep

foundation hole too deep

This foundation hole is too deep. Tim has a creative solution to the problem. Listen to the above podcast. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Related Links:

How To Get Foundation and Slab Heights RIGHT!



Call 2 - Water Leaking Into Crawlspace

water in crawlspace

This is an overview of the issues. Listen to the podcast above. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

The notes in the photo tell the tale. Listen to the podcast above. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

It pays to have great photos like this to help solve water in crawlspace problems. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Call 3: Tin Roof in Washington DC


Here is Rezibond. It's coil steel that has a coating that can be soldered. See the soldered waterproof joints at the corner lap joint? Listen to the above podcast to discover more about Rezibond. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

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