Podcast 12

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Ask the Builder Podcast 12 Highlights:

  • Donn's giant crack on curved concrete steps
  • Defective asphalt shingles
  • Scott and chipmunks under paver sidewalk
  • Tim shares a story about the dangers of delivery trucks

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Photos, Links and Great Stuff:

CALL 1 Donn's Concrete Step Crack:

cracked curved concrete steps

You can see how the first step has separated from the upper two steps. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter


wide crack in concrete

This is a wide and deep crack between Donn's steps. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

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Concrete Epoxy Repair - Fix Cracks Fast


Defective Asphalt Shingles

CLICK HERE to get Tim's Roofing Ripoff book about your defective asphalt shingles.

roofing ripoff

Call 2 - Scott and Chipmunks Tunneling Under Pavers

chipmunk paver tunnel
chipmunk paver damage


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