Podcast 1

Ask the Builder Podcast 1 Highlights:

  • Tim calls Jill and they discuss the best way to repair wood kitchen flooring
  • Cutting out damaged area and installing an inlay different species border is an option
  • Greg asks Tim about porcelain tile vs hardwood flooring in his new San Tan Valley, AZ home
  • Hardwood presents many challenges on a slab floor
  • Tim shares a story about how he discovered blacktop sealer doesn't like humidity

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Photos & Product Links:

Jill's Damaged Kitchen Floor:

wood kitchen floor

This is Jill's kitchen floor. The dishwasher is out of frame to the left, but you can clearly see the sink base cabinet on the left. The dishwasher is to the left of the sink. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

water damaged wood floor

Here's a closeup photo of the floor in front of the dishwasher. It's not cupped too bad, but there's damage. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

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Greg's Floor Choice Dilemma:

Inlay Tile Flooring

The large tiles on this floor were set on smooth concrete. The smaller inlay tile make for a splendid contrast. ©2017 Tim Carter

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