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Paint Beadboard Ceiling

paint beadboard ceiling

Paint beadboard ceiling | This ceiling needs new paint, but the old needs to come off first - or at least all the old loose paint. This is William's beadboard ceiling as featured in the March 19, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter.

Paint Beadboard Ceiling

The recessed grooves in beadboard make painting it a not-so-fun project. Painting overhead is also problematic because the paint wants to fall in your face and on your arms. Bill, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, asked me to create this column.

What are the First Steps to Paint Beadboard Ceiling?

The first step is to scrape off all loose paint. Paint is nothing more than colored glue. Please read my past column about Adhesive Chain to understand why it's so important to get rid of every piece of loose paint.

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Should I Clean the Beadboard?

Yes, you need to clean the beadboard ceiling before painting it. Remember, paint is just glue with color and it sticks best to perfectly clean surfaces.

What Would You Use to Clean the Beadboard?

I've had the best results cleaning exterior painted surfaces using certified organic Stain Solver oxygen bleach mixed with a little bit of liquid dish soap. CLICK or TAP HERE to discover how to mix up the Stain Solver.

Oxygen Bleach

Stain Solver is MADE in the USA with USA ingredients that are food-grade quality. CLICK THE IMAGE to order some NOW.

Should I Use a Pressure Washer to Clean the Beadboard?

No. A pressure washer can damage the soft spring wood of the beadboard. It also can drive water deep between the grooves and get the beadboard wet on the backside causing more paint to peel.

Watch this video about how pressure washers damage wood decks and railings. The machine WILL DAMAGE your beadboard if you get the wand too close to the wood:

What is the Best Paint to Use?

The best paint you can use is one that has a urethane resin or glue component. Urethane is extremely sticky. Here's a great urethane paint. It's so durable it's meant to be walked on! It's urethane porch paint!

urethane porch paint

Here's a great urethane-fortified paint. That's why on the label it says it's for porches and floors! It's tough enough to walk on! CLICK THE IMAGE NOW TO ORDER IT.


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