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New Build Home Timeline Part 3

stake out foundation

This is the contractor beginning to stake out the house. You need to have a long tape measure and know the foundation measurements as well as the diagonals. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

New Build Home Timeline Series - Part 3

This is part three of a new build home timeline series following my own daughter and son-in-law. They're building a new home on Mt. Desert Island in Downeast Maine.

At the bottom of the page, you'll discover a link to the next part of the series.

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New Build Home Timeline Part Three - Stakeout House, Dig & Blast Prep

Week Three - October 28, 2018

Week three of the project was exciting. The first step was to do a rough stakeout of where the house will be. Once that was completed, it was obvious a few more trees had to come down.

The contractor started to dig for the foundation and proceeded to run into a large chunk of ledge. Ledge is solid bedrock, in this case, granite. The blasting mats were delivered, notices sent out to neighbors, and then the rain came. That was the end of progress for the week.

There are videos below showing you what blasting actually looks like. I encourage you to watch them and be aware of how powerful the TNT is.

stake out plan drawing

It's best to create one of these simple drawings before you get out to the job site. Double check the diagonal calculation. CLICK THE IMAGE to get the cool calculator I use to do this.

CLICK the orange excavator to watch a short video of it working to get rid of the stumps. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

foundation hole dug

This is a panorama shot of the foundation hole. You can see the giant piece of ledge in the center. CLICK THE PHOTO to see a full-size photo.

These are giant heavy blasting mats. They are placed over the ledge after the TNT is drilled and placed. The mats prevent rocks from flying through the air when the TNT is detonated. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

construction calculator

This is the type of calculator you should own if you're going to build a new home. It allows you to CHECK to make sure things are SQUARE!!! CLICK THE IMAGE NOW to have one in your hands in days.


New Build Home Timeline Week Three
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New Build Home Timeline Week Three
Week three of the new build home timeline for Meghan and Brent's home on Mt. Desert Island in Maine. Lots of photos and videos to come. SUBSCRIBE to the AsktheBuilder.com newsletter for updates.
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