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Mr. Hero Heater Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and it's a nice winter morning here in New Hampshire. It's not too cold today, but I wanted to show you a really nice tool. It is a portable propane heater. It is nice and compact.

It is electric powered with its own battery built-in and the battery is rechargeable, using the furnished power cord. Once the battery is fully charged, it will run for eight hours. That's a nice long time. And with standard size propane tank, the fuel will last 12-hours. Combined you can produce a lot of heat.

How much heat does it produce? 35,000 BTUs. What will that heat? An insulated, enclosed room about 800 square feet.

Before you operate this heater, be sure to read and understand all the safety instructions and warnings that come with the heater. It is very important. Why? First when the heater is on, inside the chamber is a considerable flame. So don't place the heater close to something that could catch on fire. For example, a cloth tarp or sheet of plastic or any other flammable object. Think about gas cans or any flumes.

Secondly, inside the propane tank is a hydrocarbon. If the heater is operating correctly, it should produce very little or no carbon monoxide. But is something does go wrong, the heater will start producing carbon monoxide. So you don't want to use this in an enclosed space. Proper ventilation is required.

To fire this heater up, connect the fuel line with regulator (provided) to the heater and the propane tank. The brass fitting has reverse threads. So use a smooth-jawed wrench and turn it counterclockwise to tighten. Next, turn on the fan. Once it is running, just press the starter button.

Two things - be sure the valve on the propane tank is on. Second, you may have to hold the button down for a few seconds while the fuel is ignited. There you have it, a nice little portable heater. All you need to carry is the propane tank and the heater and you can have heat anyway. No power cord is needed.


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