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May 31, 2015 AsktheBuilder Sunday Newsletter

I started a new feature last week and FORGOT to tell you about it! I'm blaming it on the heat and humidity down in Antigua.

Just above your name - look up above (appeared in the email newsletter only, not online) - you should see the name of my website displayed as a hyperlink. I see it in blue.

From now on, that's going to be a MYSTERY link to an older column at my website that's pure gold. Today's link is AsktheBuilder.com.

The photo in this issue's mystery column was taken in the family room in the Queen Anne Victorian house I built for Kathy and the family back in Cincinnati. Oh how I miss what you'll see in that photo!!!

If you like what you see in that photo, there should be LINKS on that page that take you to companies that sell what you'll see. If you have an interest in that product, then by all means CLICK the ads. That's why the ads are there!

Roof Progress

I've now got five days in on the roof. It's slow going because I've got a great friend who's been able to help me for a total of eight hours.

Then my son had a past knee injury slow him as my ground support. In other words, lots of the work has been happening solo.

Here's my initial report. The DaVinci Roofscapes Single-Width Slate is a DREAM product to work with.

I love it. It's the most distinctive roof I've ever installed on any of my homes or on any of my jobs in my life. Believe me, that says it all.

I'm starting to tape the videos I promised in the DVD series next week as I start to work on one of the ten valleys in the job.

Wait until you see the one FREE video I'll be taping early next week about plumbing vent pipe flashings. You probably have one of those POC aluminum flashings with the thin rubber boot that cracks and goes bad in about ten years.

When you see the flashing I'm installing and the condition of my existing POC one, you'll FOR SURE INSIST that your roofer use the flashing I'm putting on. Wait for the video!

Here's a quick photo of the roof in progress. I'll share a closeup photo of the actual synthetic slate next issue so you can see how rich the product is.

In the meantime, CLICK the photo just below to see some closeup photos taken by pros. Surf the DaVinci website to see all they have.

roof davinci shingles

Upcoming Videos

Here's a list of videos I'm getting ready to tape this week for you:

Santa Fe DELUXE Dehumidifier - Do NOT buy a dehumidifier until you see this video!

WiFi Garage Door Opener - Very, very cool product

Paslode Compact Nail Gun

Hot Dipped Galvanized Nails - Fun Fact video

Wheelbarrow chairs - Silly video

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Old Great Columns for You!

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CLICK HERE for my Top 25 Tips on how to pick the PERFECT LOT.

PREVENT Foundation CRACKS in Drought Video!!!

I need to go get ready to work the train today. I'm a fireman and it's going to be a WET ONE.

It's raining now and rain is forecast all day.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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