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May 20, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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FREE Deck Stain Test Results

I've just come to realize that two of the products that ranked pretty high in my deck stain test are no longer available.

But some of the VERY BAD PRODUCTS are. You need to know WHAT PRODUCTS I'd NEVER EVER use to seal a wood deck.

They're in my Deck Stain Test Results.

Kathy and I don't feel it's right to charge for the PDF file if you can't get two of the products that did pretty darn well.

As such, I've decided to not charge any longer for my Deck Stain Test Results.

CLICK HERE for the FREE PDF file.

Crown Molding Secrets Revealed

Have you ever pulled your hair out about how to make the cuts for crown molding?

CLICK HERE to see how easy it is. You don't need a fancy expensive compound miter saw to do it.

Pumpkin-seed Lenticular Arch Bridge

On Friday, I went with my good friend Jim Cluett to do amateur radio just upstream from the very historic pumpkin-seed lenticular arch bridge that spans the Pemigewasset River in Campton, NH.

CLICK HERE if you want to see more photos of me in that dashing hat and me praying for a Morse code contact!

Painting Vinyl Siding

Is your vinyl siding fading? Do you want to change the color of your house?

You CAN PAINT vinyl siding, but you MUST DO IT the right way and use the RIGHT PAINT.

Painting Vinyl Siding

CLICK HERE now to discover how I'd paint vinyl siding. This goes for ANY vinyl outdoor thing you have, including furniture or trebuchets.

Whitewashing - The REAL Stuff

You may be a fan of the cable TV shows that show all these trendy ideas.

One that's been bastardized is whitewash. Most of the shows, if not all of them, show taking regular paint and adding water to it.

That's the WORST THING you could ever do.

Whitewashing - The Real Stuff
CLICK HERE to discover how you can put a coating on your house that might not come off for DECADES.

You can even tint whitewash ANY COLOR you want!

Unclog a Toilet with Water!

I've been a master plumber since age 29. Do you know how I unclog toilets?

I use a simple bucket of water.

Clogged Toilet
CLICK HERE to see how I do the secret unclog-with-a-bucket tip.

BEWARE Behr DeckOver!

Is your deck in pretty bad shape? Are you thinking of coating it with that thick Behr DeckOver product?

Behr DeckOver
CLICK HERE to discover why you should probably avoid this product. Wait until you see the videos!!

That's quite enough for a Sunday.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
Captain Stain Solver Man - www.StainSolver.com
Purveyor of Ether Waves - www.W3ATB.com

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