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March 6, 2022 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Issue 1172

I know why you're sitting at that huge table with Robert, Holt, Tyrone, Mary, Carol, Juan, and about 70 others. This is your first issue! Pop the cork and let's celebrate!

But what about you? It's possible this is your 269th issue. Can you go back in time and recall this photo?
flood damaged hardwood floor

Did you look closely at what's under the flooring? I'm talking about the other pieces of wood? What's going on? If you don't know, it would behoove you to read this column especially since Spring rains are upon us!

Magnolia Schools & STAIN SOLVER

A few days ago, the Magnolia School District in Anaheim, California, placed their THIRD order for STAIN SOLVER. They order HUNDREDS of pounds at a time.

Nicole, an administrative assistant in the facility management department, said to me on the phone, "You really need to contact every school in California. Tell them we love using STAIN SOLVER to clean all surfaces in the schools. We want to use a certified organic cleaner and keep our kids SAFE. STAIN SOLVER is magic!"

We've embarked on reaching out to every California school using a great CA Department of Education website.

You can help us too. What about keeping your kids or grands SAFE? What about your students if you're a teacher? Are you directly or indirectly connected to a school in your community?

If so, can you reach out to the facility manager and share Nicole's comments? Can you help us grow STAIN SOLVER organically?

One of the least-known attributes of STAIN SOLVER is its ability to deep clean surfaces. If you keep surfaces wet with the solution for a bit over 30 minutes, you can remove just about all bacteria and de-activate viruses.

Doing this achieves what you can do with chlorine bleach, but without the nasty smell and danger of ruining something by destroying a fabric or removing the color of the item. You know how dangerous it is to use chlorine bleach for goodness sake!

If you're not familiar with what STAIN SOLVER can do, understand it's a multi-purpose cleaner that cleans anything water washable. It SAFELY gets out stains other cleaners struggle with.

STAIN SOLVER is non-toxic, there's no odor, it's both fabric and color-safe.

WATCH the videos here and see why STAIN SOLVER is magic.

Look at the photos Lorene sent me showing the before/after of her Kuerig Duo coffee carafe. You simply won't believe her story.

By the way, my favorite all-time before/after photos sent in by a customer can be found here. Before you look at the AFTER photo, try to guess the color of the cap.

Limestone Garden Walls & Arches

Look at this photo of a limestone arch my grandfather built with his own hands. He was a baker for goodness sake!

limestone garden wall arch

You should see the fountain he built as well as the giant apartment building. Wait until you read the mysterious newspaper clipping from the 1930s!!!

Amazing Flashlight

I wanted to share with you again this fantastic flashlight I use weekly. I LOVE LOVE LOVE its extra night-vision red LED light in case you need it while setting up camp after sunset or on a hike in the dark to see an owl moon!

coast px20 flashlight

You should really read my review of the Coast PX20. When you do, I guarantee you'll buy one or two for yourself and your soulmate.

Spring Shed Project

Is this the year you've decided to build that shed you've been putting off? How would you like an ultra-detailed set of plans to work from? My plans show you how to build your shed EVEN THOUGH YOUR SHED may not be the exact same size as the ones on the plan.

Look at the photo just below. I can help you build that shed or any shed you need!

Here's the best part. Let's say you need a nudge or help over a hump. I offer phone coaching to give you the confidence to get the job done right with no wasted time or money.
ADA compliant Shovel Man
I did three calls last fall with Cosmo out in Seattle. With my help he was able to get his deluxe shed completed before the big rains came.

Get the shed plans now and let's you and I build the shed of your dreams this spring. What say you?
victorian shed

What You're MISSING

My LIVE video streaming is going really well. I've made quite a few new friends. We get to chat in real time during the stream.

This past week here's what you've missed by not watching LIVE. Remember, when you watch LIVE, you can ask me questions in real time!!!

History of Ask the Builder Part ONE

History of Ask the Builder Part TWO

How to Clean a Coffee Maker - Secret Tips

How to Clean a Deck - BIGGEST MISTAKES!!!

Bottom Line: You can ask me any question about your house M-F during my LIVE stream that begins at 4 PM ET. Go here to watch the LIVE stream.

Try it and be amazed.

That's enough for a Sunday.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
HILTON HOTELS Uses - www.StainSolver.com
Mr. DX - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. Do you know how this starts a fire with NO FLAME?

waterproof electric arc lighter

This could SAVE YOUR LIFE out on a hike. I recommend you get one. I've started quite a few fires with mine.


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