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March 13, 2022 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Issue #1173 (I think...)

Can you nudge Patrice and Jana and ask them to keep it down a bit? I know you're sitting with them at the New Subscriber table. Look to your left and you'll see Tess, Jeff, and RJ. Swivel your noggin to the right and you'll notice Carol, Joe, Stephanie, and a gaggle of others who are experiencing their first newsletter along with you. WOOT! Thanks for your trust.

But what about you? It's possible you signed on with Issue #515. Do you recall this photo?
blue and red akro plastic parts bins

I discovered these amazing plastic parts bins back when I was building a room addition for Rachel and Dale Friemoth in Maderia, Cincinnati. Once Dale introduced me to these affordable time savers, I purchased about 100 of them to use on the shelves in the back of my covered utility body.

That truck bed had 48 linear feet of shelves to put them on! My Ford F-250 was a hardware store on wheels. The bins made sure I always had the correct bolt, screw, anchor, pipe fitting, wire nut, etc. I rarely had to stop working to leave the job site to get a needed fastener or part.

You will LOVE these bins as much as I do. I still have all of my original ones as well as new larger ones. They come in different sizes and a multitude of colors.

You might discover it's best to store things by color. Nails could be in blue bins, screws in red bins, plumbing fittings in yellow bins, etc.

You'll be so organized! Look here to discover more tips on this type of storage and to PURCHASE the EXACT high-quality bins I've used for over 40 years.

House Inspection Checklist

Point your peepers at this photo and tell me if you feel it would be a good idea to have my home inspection checklist on your phone or in your hand when you walk through it to see if you should put in an offer to buy it.

victorian house laconia nh

What things inside or outside the house are deal breakers? Do you know what it costs to hire an ASHI home inspector? They're the BEST inspectors out there but why hire one to only discover the house isn't worth buying?

Why not discover the deal breakers BEFORE spending all that money with an inspector to then start the house-looking process all over again?

You can save well over $500 by using my house inspection checklist!

Spring Work Gloves

If you live down South, then you've already started your spring projects. Well over 217,345,908 other USA citizens are still waiting for warmer and slightly drier weather.

You may want to try out these gloves to protect your hands that got soft over the winter:
leather work glove on hand

I've been testing these gloves all winter shoveling snow and I find them to be extremely comfortable.

Go here to see other photos and to see what I loved about the gloves.

Spring Shed Project

I want you to look again at the photo below. It was in last week's newsletter. How would you like to have a handsome shed like this? How would you like over-the-phone help if you get stuck building your new shed?
ADA compliant Shovel Man
You have the skills to build a simple shed like this. Remember, elephants are eaten one bite at a time. You start buy investing in an excellent set of plans that will allow you to easily visualize all the components of the shed, including where each wall stud goes!

Get the shed plans now and let's you and I build the shed of your dreams this spring. What say you?

victorian shed

Join my Discord!

This past week. I got set up on Discord with the help of a new friend. It's a fascinating SAFE platform that will allow you to hang out with me and lots of other Ask the Builder friends whenever you have a chance. It reminds me of a coffee shop, a conference center, and in some ways the new wing of my high school with nine different classrooms.

Watch a few videos to get your head around this amazing technology. I believe within SECONDS you'll see how you and I can use the amazing Discord technology to SAVE YOU LOTS OF TIME AND MONEY.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is you can often get an answer to a problem you have 24 hours a day. Some other Discord user might be in the Ask the Builder area sipping a latte or working on a wood lathe. She or he will stop and help you if I'm sawing logs or otherwise busy.

Think of Discord as the Comment Section under any of the columns on my website (they currently don't work!), but on the most powerful steroids known to woman or man.

screenshot Ask the Builder Discord server
You can join Discord for FREE and:

  • start to discuss home improvement topics with new friends
  • share photos of your projects
  • ask any questions about anything
  • discover really cool links that I share during my LIVE video streams
  • uncover so much more

I realize you're a busy person, so the Discord platform allows you to interact with me if I'm on it during the day or you can get help from others who might have the same interests as you.

We've set up quite a few topic areas if you just want to hang out in those places. Check out in the left column all the topic areas. Realize I can ADD MORE if you don't see a topic area you'd like. Just ask me to do it.

I think you get the point. Trust me, you'll be WISE to join my Discord. Remember, it's FREE!

That's enough for a Sunday.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
HILTON HOTELS Uses - www.StainSolver.com
Mr. DX - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!
P.S. Do you know how to attach a treated lumber bottom plate to concrete using only regular nails? Come on, tell the truth for goodness sake! Go discover how I do it.


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