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July 8, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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We just endured a six-day stretch of oppressive hot WX here in central NH. Looking at the national map it's been VERY HOT in lots of places. You could have been far hotter than me, I'm so very sorry about that!

When the temperature soars, I get LOTS of email.

If I could boil them all down to one sentence the question would be, "Tim, what can I do to cool down my attic?"

Before I answer, look at this photo and peer at the white crosshairs and the white temperature reading just below the center of the photograph. That's an infrared image of my own DaVinci Roofscapes virgin polymer synthetic slate. Want to see what it really looks like? WATCH THE VIDEO.

infrared image of DaVinci Roofscapes shingles

CLICK HERE to read what you're up against when you decide you want a cooler attic. You'll discover what I'd do if I was faced with the challenge.

My answer may surprise you.

Painting Rusty Metal

I'll bet you own something that's rusting. The past week I've been under my Ford F-250 Super Duty painting rusty steel trying to extend the life of my truck.

I've been using XO Rust spray paint because I've been painting hard-to-reach places and everything is above me. There's nothing worse than painting with the brush up above you. No matter how careful you are, gravity wins and paint drops on your arm and if you get complacent, on your face.

CLICK HERE to read why I prefer XO Rust spray paint.

I tested a remarkable new rust paint at the same time. I'm impressed with it because of the type of resin that's used to make it.

Resin is a fancy name for glue. Remember, all paint is just colored glue.

The new paint I tried was Rustproof M/D.

Rust Proof Paint Can - Mower Blade


The paint is made with a urethane resin. Urethane is one of the stickiest adhesives known to woman, man, or avatar.

CLICK HERE to see the final photo of what that lawnmower blade looked like 93 seconds after I started painting.

There was NO SANDING involved! All the questions you have about this new paint are at the column. Go ahead, CLICK THAT LINK.

Bar Harbor - MDI Meet Up

I'm going to be on Mt. Desert Island in Downeast Maine next Thursday and Friday night, July 12th and 13, 2018. I'm open to a meet up on Friday night July 13th.

If the WX is marvelous, this is what you'll see:

Mt. Desert Island Maine

If you want to eat dinner together and chit chat for a few hours, then REPLY BACK to this email. It's five days from now, so act fast.

I'll have the big beast with me, the Ford F-250 Super Duty, and you can see the fresh paint under the wheel wells. Of course, you're more than welcome to crawl under the truck to see the other painted areas.

Extension Cords - Don't Pick the WRONG One!!!

House fires are often caused by extension cords. The homeowner unknowingly chose poorly and got one that's too small.

By too small, I don't mean its LENGTH.

Take The Cord Quiz Smarty Pants

CLICK HERE NOW to see how easy it is to make sure you're using the correct extension cord for the job.

I'd only do this if you don't want your house to burn down.

P.S. Yes, that's Rustproof MD paint at the base of my thumbnail. I knew you were wondering!

HUGE Hot Water in a Box

Meghan, my oldest daughter, is getting ready to build a new home on MDI in Downeast Maine.

She's asking for my help in picking out the best products for the home. Radiant floor heating is going to keep her, Brent and the new baby warm.

What would you say if I told you that ALL of the hot water to heat the home and ALL of the hot water for showers, cleaning, washing dishes, etc. is going to come out of a smallish metal box that hangs on a wall?

I'm SERIOUS. You MUST CLICK HERE to see how this magic is possible.

Meghan's going to use a Noritz combi water heater boiler.

You'd never have thought technology could come this far. Wait until you watch the video on the above page. Holy Tomato!!!

What's the Right Drywall for a Wet Location?

Do you think you REALLY know the answer? What is a WET LOCATION?

What is a location with HIGH MOISTURE? Confused? Bwahahahahaha!!!

drywall in the store
I'll bet you don't know the answer to that last question.

CLICK HERE, read the column and pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the one photo.

I'm talking about the one that has a RED LINE under some words on a giant sales placard that you no doubt IGNORE when you go to the store.

That's enough for a Sunday morning. I'm getting ready for church.

What are the odds you and I will be on MDI at the same time next Friday night? I hope I get to meet you!

Tim Carter
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