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July 5, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

BOOM! Do you have any leftover fireworks? If so, let’s light some to celebrate that you’re a new subscriber. Thanks for popping in - pun intended!

You, though, very likely have been a subscriber here since the days of velocipedes on the rail lines! What’s a velocipede you ask? Quite possibly the coolest thing you could ever hope to ride on a railroad track! CLICK or TAP HERE and you’ll see a few very short videos of one in use.


Music is a pretty important part of my life. You’ll always find me listening to music when I'm composing this newsletter.

As you might suspect, each week I grab a different song or two out of the bag. I try not to get stuck in a rut. CLICK or TAP HERE and tell me if you like this song. Pay attention to everyone on the stage.

Peeling Deck Sealers

You may be one of the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of homeowners disgusted with the performance of deck sealers.

You work your butt off cleaning the deck and then apply expensive sealers with magic guarantees only to see them peel in perhaps two years! ACCCKKKKK!

Do you have a STORY to share about your peeling deck sealer? If so, CLICK or TAP the photo below and share it in the comments.

Peeling and Flaking Deck Sealers - boat dock steps

CLICK or TAP HERE to see what I used on my boat dock and the steps leading to it. I’ve made sure that I won't have to worry about peeling ever again.

Cool Spray Paint

Last year, I was looking for brown spray paint to match dead leaves and I happened across a can of Rustoleum Multicolor Textured paint.

WOW! It was exactly what I wanted. So I decided it was time to paint my leach field vent pipe and my buried propane tank cover a few days ago. Here’s what I chose.

rustoleum multicolored textured spray paint

This is the cover to my buried propane tank. The bottom half is sprayed with the sea foam color. The top is the deep forest.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see the results and to order a few cans.

Summer Slow Down

I try to take the foot off the gas each summer when it comes to the newsletter. Winters are harsh here in New Hampshire and summer days are meant to be spent outdoors, not inside pecking away at a keyboard.

You’ll see lighter editions of the newsletter the next eight weeks and I’ll also give you a break from the brain-twisting quizzes from time to time.

Today is one of those days - no quiz - Enjoy the rest of our Independence Day holiday weekend without taxing your grey cells.

I can’t think of one person that enjoys tyranny, but all too often we forget exactly what the Fourth of July is actually celebrating - the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and our separation from the tyrannical King of England.

Who would have thought that a rough and tumble bunch of colonists could kick butt and take names? Well, our ancestors did and we should be thankful for all the rights we have that so many across the world envy.

Do you know what really happened on the day the shot was heard 'round the world? Did you know that the British troops were on their way to seize the colonists guns and weapons? CLICK or TAP HERE for the amazing story. I'll be honest. I had no idea what really happened or I had forgotten the details had they been mentioned back in grade or high school.

By the way, if you have a juicy ripe watermelon on your menu today, I envy YOU!

That’s enough for a Sunday! Happy Birthday, America!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
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Do It Right - Not Over!

P.S. What about concrete overlays? Did you know you can make old concrete look like NEW?

CLICK or TAP HERE and read MANY of my past concrete overlay columns. Make sure you look closely at the cement paint part of the process.


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