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Johnson Hardware Wood Fascia Brackets

Johnson Hardware Wood Fascia Brackets

Hi, I'm Tim Carter, AsktheBuilder.com. Wall mount sliding doors are very popular. I happen to have a set in my own home. My son loves the exposed hardware but my wife, well, she prefers to have it hidden behind a sleek fascia board. My wife asked me to install a painted fascia board that matches the painted woodwork in the room. With Johnson Hardware's new Wood Fascia Brackets, I can have a happy wife and happy life!

The wood fascia brackets are ingenious and easy to work with. Once you attach the L-brackets to your fascia material, they simply snap into place on the Johnson Hardware wall-mount door hardware.

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The best part is you can create just about any look or design you want. You can have a painted fascia board that matches the painted woodwork in the room.

I feel it's a good idea to paint the fascia board before you install it. It's also a good idea to finish both sides and all edges of the fascia board.

You may want to have a stained fascia. I recommend staining the wood first and apply any clear finish before you attach the fascia brackets.

These wonderful fascia brackets can be attached to any wood, aluminum, or vinyl fascia.

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The wood fascia brackets attach to the wood with small screws that are included with the brackets. Take accurate measurements so the brackets align with the large aluminum suspension hardware that holds up the wall mount door track. Align the top of the short leg of the L-bracket with the top of the fascia board.

Once the brackets are attached to the fascia, tilt the bottom of the fascia board in towards the wall and engage the wall-mount hardware. Then rotate the top of the fascia towards the wall until the top of the bracket snaps into place. It's so easy!

I love how we're able to cover our wall mount door hardware with a simple custom-made fascia that transformed this space. Johnson Hardware has hit a home run with the wood fascia brackets in my opinion. Order yours now! I'm Tim Carter, AsktheBuilder.com.

This column was featured in the June 13, 2021 AsktheBuilder Newsletter.


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