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January 12, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Are you a brand-new subscriber? I don't know if you realize how lucky you are. Never before have I offered free Stain Solver to Ask the Builder subscribers like you much less other humans I've not met face-to-face!

You, on the other hand, may have been a subscriber for quite some time. You know the above to be true. Did that headline about FREE Stain Solver put your head on a swivel?

Floor Tile Grouting Secrets of Old

Each Sunday, I stand in the back of St. Joseph's Church in Laconia, NH to greet parishioners. The vestibule has a stunning multi-colored 6x6-inch tile floor with sanded-grout joints that are about 1/2-inch wide.

Both the tile and the grout are in extraordinary condition. However, the grout is dirty.

My Stain Solver (deep clean floor grout) would remedy that. Aside from the dirt, the grout looks like the day it was installed nearly 100 years ago.

The floor grout is not crumbling. It's not cracking. It wears like iron.

How did the tile setters do this when your floor grout may have already turned to powder after ten years or developed cracks worse than those that happened to Humpty Dumpty when he had a great fall?

Would you like your new floor grout to be as durable as what I stand on each Sunday morning?

"Why Tim, of course I want to know how to do this! How did those master tile setters of old create long-lasting floor grout?"

I thought you'd never ask. I happen to know exactly how the craftsmen mixed and placed floor tile grout that can last decades, even 100 years or more.

grout floor tile

CLICK or TAP HERE now to discover the secrets of the old tile setters.

Watch my four-part step-by-step video series demonstrating how EASY it is for you, yes you, to create grout like the master tile setters of old.

Yes, I know I should have been using knee pads when recording the videos. I was just so excited to get working so I could share the time-tested secrets with you!

FREE Stain Solver - Are You CRAZY, Tim?

Please peer at this photo:

clean corian sink

You're looking at a food-stained Corian sink.

It could have just as easily been a cast-iron sink, or even one made from stainless steel.

BWHAHAHAHAHA - we all know stainless steel STAINS. Who came up with the name stainless? Yes, I know why it's called that.

Now, I need you to CLICK or TAP HERE to see the after photos of that sink just above.

Can you take great before and after photos like this?

Why of course you can!

A few days ago, I came up with an idea for a Stain Solver Smackdown.

The Smackdown can only happen with your help. I'm looking for stunning before and after photos of lots of different things that Stain Solver can clean.

Stain Solver can clean just about anything that's water washable. That means THOUSANDS of things, many of which you own or use each day.

You may be a Stain Solver non believer. You've grown more tired of me talking about the great and powerful Stain Solver for years than if you had hiked twenty-three miles on the Tulip Tree Trace in east central Indiana on a hot and humid summer day.

Now's your chance to get a FREE sample and then allow me to transform you into a believer and customer for life!

Do you want a chance of getting some Stain Solver for FREE?

Here's what you need to do.

Take a photo, a really good one, of something at your house or where you work/play that's dirty or grungy.

It could be an article of clothing with a tough stain. Maybe it's carpet that has a pet stain. Perhaps it's camping equipment. Is your kayak covered with algae?

Do you have a grandchild that gets her/his clothes dirty playing or while eating? How about your tile floors? Is the grout dirty like that at St. Joseph's Church?

The list of dirty things is endless.

Once you take the photo, you need to send it to me using THIS FORM. You'll also need to fill out your contact information.

I'll look at your photo, or even multiple photos.

The best twenty photos I get in the first five days will then get a free sample bottle of Stain Solver. This will be enough to clean what I see in the photo or at least do a great test area.

NO LOSERS: You get a PRIZE even if you send a photo and it's not in the top twenty that I select. As soon as you submit the photo, I'll be sending you a SECRET one-time promo code via email you can use to purchase some to try out. You can use this promo code on ANY size you want from 2.2 pounds up to our massive 50-pound size.

If I do select your photo, you'll hear from me. I'll send you personal instructions on HOW I'd use the Stain Solver to get your item in the photo CLEAN.

All I ask of you is to follow my instructions when you clean the item, take an after photo, and email me the photo.

Are you game? Do you have the right stuff? CLICK or TAP HERE now and get in on the Stain Solver Smackdown!

What's My New Home Going to Cost, Tim?

Are you thinking of building a new home?

How would you like to get a pretty close idea of what it's going to cost with a minimal amount of work?

Did you know most new-home dreams get CRUSHED because the bids come in over budget?

Would you like to get a CLOSE ROUGH IDEA of the cost early in the process? This helps you manage your expectations.

I thought so!!!

I've put my New Home Cost Estimator magic spreadsheet on sale for you for ONE WEEK.

CLICK or TAP HERE to save 25% on this Instant Download product.

This discount ONLY LASTS one week. Get it NOW and you'll have it later if you need it.

Smelly Men's Room

Two days ago, I went to lunch with my good friend Jim. He's taught me so much about low-powered outdoor amateur radio.

We went to a national chain restaurant. After we were seated, he decided to take a nature break.

"Oh my, did the Men's Room smell!" He exclaimed after he sat back down.

"It was so bad I had to hold my breath."

Jim went on to say someone was using the stall so I thought that perhaps that person ate far too much of something that caused the stench.

When we went to leave, I decided to check out the room. My thought was that by now the ventilation system would have cleared up the odor.

I opened the door slowly and took a whiff.

OOOOOOoooooeeeee! It did smell!

Within seconds I figured out what the source of the problem was.

CLICK or TAP HERE to discover what it was.

I made it a point to talk with the manager before I left as I knew exactly WHY the problem happened. I mentioned to her how easy it was to remedy and how to prevent the odor from happening again.

That's enough for a Sunday, wouldn't you say?

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
Smackdown Stain Man - www.StainSolver.com
Di Dah Man - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

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cement chimney crown


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