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Tim Carter received the following email from Mike not too long ago (April 26, 2020 Newsletter):

"Tim - I have an unheated basement. The ducts for heating/AC run through the basement. Do you suggest insulating the ducts in the basement to conserve more of the heat before it moves to the rest of the house?"

This is a very common question.

The answer to insulate the ductwork is not straightforward.

Look at this photo:


insulate basement ductwork

This ductwork is insulated. But there's a far greater issue with it! The idiot installers didn't reduce the size of the trunk duct as they took off runs to the rooms. The static pressure at the end of the trunk will be pitiful.

When you insulate basement ductwork, the Btus created by the furnace are still inside the home. You'll not conserve any energy.

The air coming out of the ducts may be a little warmer, but the temperature in the rooms of the house will still be at whatever you have the thermostat set to.

It's simple high school physics. See, the teacher was right! She told you that you'd use the knowledge one day!

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