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Installing a New Window Video 2 of 4

Tim Carter demonstrates in this second video of a four-part series how to create the actual rough window opening.

Tim has removed the drywall and starts to install the king studs that run from the wall top plate to the bottom plate.

Then he shows how to install the header across the top of the window. The header is like a steel i-beam that captures the load or weight of the wall above the new window.

The header is supported at either end by a trimmer stud. These short studs are like steel columns that support a steel i-beam.

The trimmer studs rest on top of the bottom rough window sill and two other trimmer studs extend from below the ends of the sill down to the bottom wall plate.

Once the complete rough framing is done, then you can get ready to cut out the section of the wall where the window will be.


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