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How to Press Copper Tool

How to Press Copper Tool - No More Fire Engines!

Watch the video below to discover the magic of making leakproof joints with copper tubing and fittings using a press tool. You'll never set your house on fire using a torch so hot that it can melt metal! Your local firefighters will thank you for using this clever tool!

I swear I can transform you into a master plumber in less than a month! I've been one since 1981, silly, so I know a thing or two about plumbing.

NOTE FROM TIM: The tool used in this video is expensive. A plumber would use it every day or every other day. You might have a use for it once every five years. Guess what? You can RENT IT for a few hours! Get all your measurements done, cut your pipe, assemble everything, go rent the tool, then press your fittings and get the tool back to the rental center. It's not hard to work smart!

Do NOT confuse these press fittings with the age-old compression fittings that are used to make connections between hard piping/shutoff valves and the flexible supply tubes under sinks and toilets. Those compression fittings are not nearly as strong as the crimp created by the press tool. No master plumber worth his salt would EVER install a traditional compression fitting in a hidden space. I don't want you doing it either for goodness sake!

ridgid press tool

This is a press tool. You can make a leakproof connection in less than 5 seconds.

CLICK or TAP HERE to purchase the Ridgid Press Tool Kit I used in this video.


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