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How to Make F250 Ride Smoother

It's Easy & Fast to make a F250 Ride Smoother - Patio Stones!

My Ford F-250 Super Duty 4x4 has a very stiff suspension. An F-250 is a 3/4-ton truck and everything about the chassis is bigger and tougher than its little brother the F-150. The robust front springs installed in 2009 as part of the snow-plow package add to the overall stiffness of the suspension.

Watch this short video above to see how EASY it is to make your F250 or any 3/4-ton pickup truck ride like it's got marshmallows for tires!

How Much Does Each Patio Stone Weigh?

Concrete weighs 150 pounds per cubic foot. Each stone weighs a little over 19.6 pounds.

What Was the Total Weight You Added?

I added, with the 2x10 custom-cut filler material just over 500 pounds. The patio stones alone weigh in at 471 pounds.

How Much Did it Cost to Get a Smoother Ride?

It cost me just a little over $47 in 2021 dollars. Each stone was $1.97 and there's no sales tax in New Hampshire. Why does your state have one? Think about that!!!

Are you Worried about the Stones Moving Around?

No. They're very secure and the heavy rubber mat helps hold them down. In a rollover crash where they might fly out of the truck, one might crash through the rear windshield, but I'm pretty convinced the rubber mat will prevent that from happening. Random things flying through the rear windshield can happen with any heavy item such as a circular saw, a toolbox, or anything you have thrown in the back of your truck. Think about it. Do you throw a net or tie down EVERY loose item in the back of your pickup truck EVERY trip? Why of course you don't.

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