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How Much Does Rain Weigh

Rain on OSB - messy construction site - not cleaned up

Here's rain water inside a new house. How much rain is floating around up in the sky? (C) Copyright 2021 Tim Carter

How Much Does Rain Weigh? - For 2 Inches Per Square Mile

I like to do arithmetic problems the way I was taught in grade school. I still use a pencil and paper.

The goal is to keep my brain sharp. It's one of the reasons I like doing Morse code too.

My favorite pencils to use are Blackwing Naturals. CLICK or TAP HERE to order them. They're unbelievable.

Step One: You need to find out how many square feet are in a square mile.

Step Two: You need to calculate the decimal equivalent of 2 inches as it relates to a foot.

Step Three: You need to calculate how many cubic feet of water fall when 2 inches of rain falls on a square mile.

Step Four: You then multiply the cubic feet of water by 62.4. That's how many pounds a cubic foot of water weighs.

math calculations multiplcation

math multiplication

Two Hundred and Eighty-Eight + MILLION pounds of water.

HOLY TOMATO! Amazing all that weight is up in the atmosphere and there's are TRILLIONS of pounds of rain in a giant storm system!

This brain teaser was featured in the July 11, 2021 AsktheBuilder Newsletter.


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