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Gutter Guard Scam Glenview IL

Gutter Guard Scam Glenview, IL - Beware High-Pressure Sales

One of my newsletter subscribers responded to a call I put out about gutter guard sales presentation and installation horror stories. I asked them to share any tales about high-pressure sales tactics and the use of undisclosed subcontractors.

That input of information helped create my Gutter Guard Cost page. You should look at it. It contains OTHER gutter guard scam links.

BEWARE Powerful Psychology

His story is powerful and it speaks to the often unethical tactics used by salespeople that prey on folks like you. They make use of extremely effective psychology that works on every human being. It's much like the Jedi mind tricks Obi-Wan Kenobi used in the original Star Wars movie.

This psychology is all covered in an easy-to-read book titled: Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion

I link to it below my subscriber's story. I BEG YOU TO BUY IT so you NEVER GET SCREWED AGAIN.

LeafGuard is going to be none too happy about this story but they only have their dealer to blame. Federal Law allows me to publish stories like this so you can avoid heartache as my subscriber suffered.


I had 160 feet of LeafGuard gutter guard installed on my house for a total cost of $1,900.

I told the salesperson to measure and give me an estimate so I could think about it. I didn't really want him to come into my house but he insisted.

The first price was $1900 with the discount in the promotion I found in my local paper. I said thank you and I would think about it.

He then said he could give me an additional discount of about 10%. I gave him the same answer. After more sales pitch, he lowered the price again if I would commit to having the work done this week, he had a crew that needed the work.

I said no, I did not want to commit now. After more sales pitch, he said if I sign right now, he would give me the job for his price of materials, which was $600. Normally I would have committed, but I was so upset at that moment that he was willing to give the job away at 1/3 the original estimate, and by now he was badgering my wife to get me to sign, that I basically had to show him the door, and he left very upset.

The LeafGuard salesman was invoking the reciprocity and scarcity psychological triggers:

  • Reciprocity (Offering generous discounts - makes you feel obligated to give your SIGNATURE in return)
  • Scarcity (taking the deal away if you don't sign RIGHT NOW)

Scarcity is the most powerful psychological trick of all. It's why we waterboard POWs. We take away oxygen and the POW starts singing like a canary.

Psychology Tricks Book

Purchase this book ASAP and read it. It's very simple to understand.


Influence Book Cover



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