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How To Clean Your Gutters (Cost Estimates)

Gutter cleaning is an essential task as a homeowner. Having gutters cleaned on schedule can not only help improve the overall look of your home, but it can help prevent issues with your roof in general. 

However, many times homeowners have no idea what proper gutter cleaning entails or what costs are associated with this work.

That is why if you are looking for accurate cost information related to gutter cleaning, look no further. In this guide, we will help you:

  • Understand the signs that indicate you need to get your gutters cleaned
  • Figure out how often you need to clean your gutters
  • Understand whether you need to hire a pro to get your gutters cleaned and the costs involved 
  • Figure out what factors influence the total price of your gutter cleaning
  • Understand the benefits of getting your gutters cleaned
  • Figure out how to save money while ensuring your gutters are well maintained 

What Are The Signs You Should Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

When a homeowner neglects their rain gutters, they quickly find this leads to water buildup and a host of other issues. Typically, the most common signs that gutters need to be cleaned include:

  • Water Overflowing: The whole point of your gutter system is for rainwater to drain from the roof and make sure it funnels away from the house. If you start noticing that the rainwater is overflowing from the gutters, it means that they are clogged and need a thorough cleaning. 
  • Stains: When you notice that there are stains on the siding of your house, it means your gutters are clogged, and the buildup is overflowing when it rains. Consequently, this debris is spilling on your home's siding, causing it to stain. 
  • Pools of Water: If you start seeing standing water outside of your house or near your home's foundation, it can mean that your gutter system is clogged or damaged. Worse yet, is if you do not take care of this issue fast, this pooling water can damage your home's foundation. 
  • Sagging Gutters: Clogged gutters are one of the most common problems a homeowner will experience. However, it is important to understand that gutters are not built to hold the extra weight. As a result, when gutters are not cleaned, they will start being weighed down by debris, soggy leaves, and water buildup—leading to sagging gutters. 
  • Animals Near The Gutters: Sure, it is common to see small critters such as bugs running along your gutters or residing in them. But if you start noticing larger animals such as rodents, mice, or squirrels making a home in these gutters, it can mean real problems. These packed leaves which clog your gutters create the perfect nesting ground for these animals, and if you start seeing these larger critters, it is a sure sign that your gutters need to be cleaned. 
  • Plants Growing: When there is enough dirt in your gutter, it can become an ideal home for seeds, which means that soon you will have a garden growing in your gutters. This can lead to extensive problems and issues for your home. Before these plants start sprouting, you must remove this dirt accumulation and keep your gutters clean. 
  • Birds Flocking: It is not just the squirrels you need to watch out for. If you see birds flocking to your gutter, it usually means that there is enough debris in there to provide these birds with the perfect nesting materials.

When you start noticing any of these signs, it is time to get to work and get your gutters cleaned promptly. Waiting too long to complete this job can leave you dealing with more than just a clogged gutter. You can be left with costly and extensive water damage and foundation problems. 

How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Gutters?

Typically, you will want to clean your gutters at least twice a year. Once in the late spring and once in the late summer or early fall. 

However, depending on the plants or trees you have near your home, you may want to clean these gutters more frequently, such as every three months. For instance, if you have pine trees by your house. You may want to inspect your gutters more often. This is because pine trees will shed their needles all year long and can quickly clog up your gutters.

What Are The Factors That Impact How Often To Clean Gutters?

It is not only pine needles that can impact the frequency of how often you have to clean your gutters. It is also essential to factor in your surroundings and the climate of your residence.


You need to examine the surroundings around your gutter to figure out how often you need to clean them. We have already discussed why pine needles can cause problems, but large trees can also result in gutter issues. If you see leaves dangling directly over your gutter, it is important to clean your gutters frequently. This is because large trees can trap moisture when the leaves begin to cluster, resulting in many clogs. 

Weather and Seasons

You will also want to have your gutters cleaned throughout the winter. This can help prevent any roofing problems or damage to your home's fascia. That is why directly after an ice storm or snowstorm, make sure you check your gutters and remove any debris.

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Gutters? 

Your gutters have an extremely important job when it comes to maintaining your property. They guide water away from your porous home and help shield your home from costly water damage. That is why there are so many benefits of cleaning your gutters. 

Consider the following:

  • Clean gutters prevent the destruction of expensive landscaping.
  • Clean gutters extend the lifespan of your roof.
  • Clean gutters improve the safety, comfort, and health of your home.
  • Clean gutters eliminate nesting areas for pests or rodents.
  • Clean gutters increase your gutters' lifespan, helping you avoid the cost of expensive new gutter installation.
  • Clean gutters help increase the value of your home.
  • Clean gutters can help prevent structural damage to your home's sides.
  • Clean gutters can help prevent water from overflowing and causing foundation problems. 
  • Clean gutters can stop water from pooling around your walkways and driveways, which can pose a danger to individuals walking on these surfaces.

Should You Hire A Contractor To Clean Your Gutters?

One of the most common questions many homeowners have is if they need to hire a gutter cleaning company to take care of their gutter issues or can it be a DIY project. Typically, if you are looking for comprehensive gutter care and maintenance, gutter cleaners can provide you with precisely that. These contractors can help with any gutter repairs you need, ensure your gutters and downspouts are cleaned out thoroughly and make sure there are no significant problems with your gutter system. However, if they do find any issues, they can quickly get to work taking care of any replacements, caulking, and slope adjustments.

If you are still torn about whether or not you need to hire a contractor, consider the following benefits:

  • Save Time: Quite often, homeowners do not have the time to complete a comprehensive gutter clean-up. However, with a contractor's help, you will not have to worry about dedicating a whole day to this project.
  • Handle Repairs: What will happen if you clean out your gutter and realize that your gutter is broken. Very few homeowners know how to fix this problem or how to get it done fast. Fortunately, professionals can help take care of these repairs quickly before they become a more significant issue.
  • Prevent Accidents: Gutter cleaning may sound simple enough, but when someone inexperienced attempts to do the job themselves. Serious accidents can result, such as falling off a ladder or the roof.

What Is The Average Cost To Clean Your Gutters?

The pricing for getting your gutters cleaned averages between $118 and $224. Many times, single-story homes cost anywhere from $70 to $200, and two-story homes range from $90 to $225, depending on what work needs to be done. If you have a three-story house, the cost of cleaning will usually cost you an additional $75 to $200 per service that needs to be completed. 

Traditionally, professional gutter cleaning will follow a per linear foot pricing model, which means that most homeowners will pay around $188 to clean a single-story 1,500-square-foot home with 150 linear feet of gutters.

To breakdown these costs further:

  • The National Average Cost: $188
  • The Average Rate of Gutter Cleaning: $150-$225
  • The Minimum Cost: $70
  • The Maximum Cost: $450 plus

Some other factors that can also impact gutter cleaning costs include the home's height, location, and the gutter's condition.

How To Save Money On Gutter Cleaning?

Even though gutter cleaning should be at the top of your home maintenance list, if you have not budgeted for cleaning, you may think there is no way you can get your gutters taken care of. However, with the below ideas, not only can you save money, but you can make sure the gutter cleaning job is done right. 

  • DIY: The most common way to clean your gutters and save money is to do the job yourself. However, you need to keep in mind that this cleaning process can take a significant amount of extra time and be a rather dirty project. Consider doing some research before you start cleaning, or watch the following video to ensure you do the job properly:

  • Look for Promotions or Deals: Many times, gutter cleaning companies offer their gutter cleaning services at a reduced price. If you cannot find any promotions online, you can always try calling these contractors and find out if they will be running any specials for you to take advantage of. 
  • Chat With Your Neighbors: Sometimes, gutter companies can offer promotions if a neighbor had their gutters cleaned recently. They may also provide reduced gutter cleaning prices for neighborhoods that decide to clean their gutters simultaneously.

Check Other Service Providers: Another great place to check for gutter cleaning services at a reduced price is through other service providers. For instance, your roofing company may offer a discounted gutter cleaning service as part of your annual roof inspection or when completing any roof repair. Also, consider checking with landscaping companies or window cleaners who may combine services and help you reduce costs.


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