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Foundation Height Above Grade Podcast

Foundation Height Above Grade - Shoot for 18 Inches

This is the 4th podcast in a large series that follows the construction of Tim Carter’s daughter’s new home in Downeast Maine. In this podcast, Tim talks about how important it is to make sure the top of the foundation is above the surrounding soil. There are building code issues and common sense involved.

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It's important to realize that water can flow into your home if the foundation or slab is too close to the ground. The building code mandates that at least 6 inches of foundation rise up from the ground. That's a bare minimum and it should be much more.

This podcast is short, just under six minutes. Look at the drawings and video below to understand the importance of foundation height above grade.

foundation height above grade

I made this drawing. You can see the foundation wall with a typical sill plate and floor joist. The red line is the lot before the excavator shows up. The top of the foundation should end up 18 inches ABOVE the red line. Use the dirt from the hole to create the slope away from the foundation. (C) Copyright 2018 Tim Carter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Foundation Height Above Grade - Get it Right | AsktheBuilder.com
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Foundation Height Above Grade - Get it Right | AsktheBuilder.com
Foundation height above grade is often wrong in most houses. They're too deep in the ground. Water leaks and wood rot result.
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