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How to Fix a Cracked Patio

How to Fix a Cracked Patio Video

"Fix cracked patio" is probably the last item on your honey-do list you want to see. You don't think it's possible to hide the crack and you think it will take all day.

Fix Cracked Patio Fast

The first thing to remember is it's easier and faster to repair the crack than rip out the tile or patio and start over. It's much cheaper too.

All you need to do this job is some painters tape, super-strong concrete epoxy and a hammer or drill.

Podcast 3

CLICK this image and listen to the first story - Vic has a gorgeous patio on the back of his house. One part of the patio has sunken down. I've got the fix.

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Epoxy In a Tube

The best epoxy in my opinion to fill the crack is one that squirts out of a regular caulking tube. I've used the PC products epoxy now for years and it has great open or work time.

PC-Concrete Epoxy

This is the magic epoxy that fits into a regular caulk gun. I've used it with great success. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW TO HAVE IT DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME.

This epoxy comes with two clever nozzles. They have an internal helix insert that blends the two-part epoxy so when it comes out at the tip it's already mixed.

Tape The Crack Edges

Use normal painters tape to carefully tape the sides of the crack. Taping prevents epoxy smears on the tile. You will have to small short pieces along the jagged crack.

The Magic Dust

It's important to realize the epoxy is gray in color. This is fine if your tile matches that color, but most don't.  You may need to create fine dust that's the same color to match the color of the patio.

Use a hammer drill on the edges of a concrete patio to create dust and grit that will match the top surface of the concrete.

Use a regular hammer and create matching dust and grit using broken or discarded pieces of the tile used to cover the patio.

A point often overlooked is paint. In order to disguise the epoxy you may have to paint it a flat color that matches the patio.

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