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Exterior Painting Video

It is easy to paint a house. But if you want long lasting results, you have to prepare the house properly. Here are some of the tools for getting the house ready.

First, a large sponge. Most paints will state on the can that the surface should be clean and dry. You will have to wash down the house. Be careful of power washers, they can drive water deep into the wood.

You might have to scrap some areas of the house to remove loose paint. The paint scrapers are available in various widths. Get a couple of sizes for your project.

If you have some nail holes or cracks in the wood, you will need some putty knives to fill and smooth over the holes. Spackling compound is also needed to fill those holes. Read the label to make sure the spackling compound is an exterior type.

Caulk and a caulking gun will be used to fill in any cracks along side trim or door and window frames. A good caulk gun will give you more control over applying the acrylic caulk.

Finally, paint brushes. Some paint manufacturers have special paint brushes that are designed specifically for the type of paint.

The final decision is the paint itself. There is a polyurethane acrylic latex paint that holds great. Since paint is basically colored glue, the polyurethane adds to the stickiness. Buy the best paint you can.


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